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Lululemon Bright Yellow Round White Pattern Racerback Cross Top Red Trim 067

This is a bright yellow with round white pattern cross top with a racerback with red trim.

Wearing this top always cheered me up with its bright colors!

It has a cross over front with a red mesh trim strip with the white mesh. The band under the bust is white mesh material.

This is the side view. It is of medium length. As you can see, it has a mesh insert that extends to the front of the top.

Here is the back view where you can see the white mesh insert better. You can also see the racerback.

Here is the top of the back. You can see here the wide straps that measure approximately one and a half inches wide. There is the small silver omega lululemon symbol in the middle.

You can also see the white circle pattern a bit.

You can see a small pocket with a small slit for earphones on top.

Here is a better view of the white circle pattern with stripes across it. If you look really carefully, there is a really faint upside down omega symbol in one of the circles.

This top is bra lined with a soft beige material.

The bra band is elastic and around one inch wide.

There is a slit in the bra in case you want to add cups.

Some parts of the bra lining is mesh.

This is such a cheerful top to wear and nice a cool with the mesh! Anybody know the name of it?