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Lululemon Shrimp Pale Light Pink Deep V Neck Collar Whisper Yoga Top 111

This is a Lululemon Shrimp Pale Light Pink Running or Whisper Yoga Top. It has a high collar and the two sections fold over in the front.

Here is a full view of the front.

Here is a close up view of the front of the top. You can see from this photo that it’s an unusual shade of pink. To me it sort of looks like a shrimp pink but here, it looks more like a pink skin tone.

Here is the side view.

Here is the full view of the back of the top.

Lululemon Shrimp Pale Pink V Neck Collar Yoga Top

This is a close up view of the front of the back. You can see a medium-sized silver omega Lululemon symbol.

Here is a view of the label inside. This is one of the earlier tops and was Made in Canada. It says that it is a size 14 but it is small for the size.

This top has a built-in bra or bra lined. The lining is a soft beige fabric. The bra band is approximately one inch wide.

This was a very popular style of yoga top that came in several colors. Thanks to the person who let me know the name of this top, Whisper!