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A Gift of Laughter from the Lululemon’s Wilson family

It was recently announced that a famous piece of art that has been along the seawall of Vancouver has been bought and donated to the city of Vancouver by Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson and his wife, Shannon.

This is called ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ created by artist Yue MinJun.

What I just found out from a friend is that all of the faces in his art, are his own.

I don’t know why, but there is fencing around the exhibit today. It was not there the last time I visited.

They are made of bronze.

They are quite tall.

Some of the West End residents don’t like them so much.

You can see the scale of how tall they are by comparing it to Rachel, a young tourist from Edmonton.

Here’s a nice close-up!

If the West End neighborhood doesn’t want them, they can bring them over to Kitsilano, close to the Lululemon headquarters or first store!

Thanks again, Chip and Shannon!