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Lululemon Laceoflage White and Black Yoga Top Tank Yoga Pose Figures 016

This is a Lululemon Black and White Laceoflage yoga top with yoga pose figures.

This is one of my favorite Lululemon pieces ever!

I have made the photo bigger so the detail can be seen better!

This is made of nice soft luon material. The black stripes are random.

This is a White and Black yoga top or tank. If you look at the top, you can see cool yoga pose figures!

The white neck is slightly rounded. The thin straps are black.

It’s hard to make out the yoga figurines, but it looks like sun salutations to me.

I’ve done them enough, you’d think I’d recognize it by now!

The back is a racer back style. It is a medium length.

You can see the silver omega symbol just barely.

The back strap has reinforcement sewn in.

Now if this top wasn’t already awesome, the beige bra lining has a cool design, too! I’ve turned it inside out so you can see.

The bra lining could almost be considered double layered. The layer closest to the skin is a soft thin material. The layer closest to the top is the net meshing. You can see the net mesh in the middle.

There is no label stamped on the fabric. I must have ripped out the label. I sort of regret that.

Anybody have any idea what one of my favorite tops is called?