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Lululemon White West Beach Westbeach Ski Jacket Beige Brown Camouflage 059

This is a white West Beach Westbeach Ski Jacket or outerware.

Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon, also founded West Beach in 1979. I have no idea if he still owns West Beach now or even has any participation with it.

I know nothing about whether this is a ski jacket or a snow boarder jacket. All I know is that there are specific touches that show in Lululemon clothing to this day!

Here is the Westbeach label

Here is the cuff and the thumbholes that are often in Lululemon jackets.

See the heavy-duty zipper and tags.

Also notice the lining and the attention to detail and quality.

If you are a Lululemon lover who needs a heavier jacket, consider looking at a Westbeach!