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Lululemon Dark Charcoal Grey Hydration Running Belt 3 Bottles 116

This is a Lululemon dark charcoal grey hydration water running belt with three bottles.

Here is a full view of the belt.

Here is a close up of the buckle or fastener. You can see the Lululemon label.

This is a view of the metal clasp. You can see Lululemon stamped in it. This belt can be adjusted to several inches.

Here is a view of a small velcro pouch. It slides on and off.

This is a picture of the plastic water bottle inside the belt sling or bottle holster.

Here is a view of the side of the bottle. It shows the measurements in ml.

This is a view of two of the bottles from another side.

Here is the label on the inside of the belt. It says that it is designed in Vancouver, Made in China.

Here is a view of the plastic water bottles by themselves. You can see the black omega Lululemon symbol.

This is the side view of the water bottle. It curves slightly. The top is a squirt top.

I used to run with this belt all the time. Does anybody still run with these belts?