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Lululemon Light Pale Pink Cropped Short Pants Sweatpants Drawstring Waist 102

This is a pair of Lululemon Light Pale Pink Sweatpants Cropped Short with a drawstring waist. It is made from a cotton lycra material that has the thickness of sweats fabric.

Here is a closer view of the front of the pants. You can see the drawstring waist.

If you look at the ends of the drawstring, it says Lululemon.

Here is a view of the side that shows the larger omega Lululemon symbol. It is not the usual silver omega symbol, but multi-colored.

Here is a view of the side. There is a slit on the side.

Here is a full view of the back of the pants.

Here is a close up view of the top of the back of the pants. You can see the triangular section for better fit.

Here is a view of the inside label. It is a small label that had the rest of it cut off.

This is a very comfortable pair of pants or sweatpants! I love the pale pink color, too! Does anybody remember the name of it?