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Lululemon Warehouse Party Sale Vancouver 2013 Review Part Five Check Out

Part Five

This is part five, the check out process.

I was ready to check out at around 4 PM or so. At that time, there was hardly any wait in the line up to check out. Everytime somebody was free, they would wave a red flag and a staffperson would direct you to the next one.

IMGP8928 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013

As it clearly said, only debit and credit cards are accepted. No cash nor gift cards are accepted. People were reaching into their little plastic baggies (since no wallets or purses were allowed) to get out their cards.

IMGP8868 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013

I could tell that my cashier was nervous even though it wasn’t too crowded. I wouldn’t guess that she was a regular Lululemon cashier by her actions.

IMGP8842 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013

I used to be a cashier for years when I was a student so I’m very good at adding up prices in my head. I knew what my totals would be pre-tax. The first total seemed high…she made a mistake with a price.

The second total didn’t seem right either, she had made yet another mistake. The first time, she had to get a supervisor to help her. The second time, she voided the whole thing and started over. Each time, I asked her to check it again.

Third time was a charm and she finally got it right. She wasn’t the only one a little confused, I could overhear other people correcting their cashier.

So finally! I’m finished! Or am I? I look over to the long, winding line…it’s the check out line. Shoot! Now I have to wait to get my coat and bags.

IMGP8840 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013

I wasn’t thrilled waiting even though the line moved fairly quickly.

IMGP8929 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013


  • Fairly well organized in sizes, check out layout
  • Staff was enthusiastic
  • Racks Well Spaced Out
  • Free Yoga Class, Goals Class
  • DJ playing music was nice, live band when I was there would have been nicer


  • Color Code Pricing Confusing, really confusing!
  • Too few changing rooms, long waits (though I never bother, I try on in the aisles)
  • Discounts weren’t that great–on par with outlet prices or after Christmas sale prices
  • Not enough selection for a big event like this, men should complain!
  • Bag Check Out Too Slow
  • Cashiers Not Experienced Enough

I did notice that there weren’t too many people that had more than two bags. I had two bags. There were quite a few people who only had a small bag or even no bag! Imagine going through all the hassle and not finding a single thing to buy?! No where did I see any shoppers that had multiple bags. So what does that say?

Would I go again? Sure! But, my expectations will be a lower. I may find something, but I won’t expect to find huge bargains.

That being said, I may try back on Sunday. I heard a rumor that they may lower some prices then…can’t resist the possibility of a bargain!