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Lululemon Black Light Grey Running Yoga Shorts 103

This is a black and light grey Lululemon pair of running yoga shorts. They are made of a nylon spandex fabric.

Here is a full view of the shorts from the front.

Here is a close up of the front of the shorts.

Here is a full view of the back of the shorts.

Here is a close up view of the back of the shorts. You can see the silver omega Lululemon symbol in the middle.

Here is the label inside the shorts. It says that it was made in Vancouver, Canada and that it is a size 6.

These are a nice fitting shorts! Does anybody remember what they are called?

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Lululemon Purple Lilac Heather Light Grey Mesh Air Vents Running Tights 083

This is a pair of light purple lilac heather running tights with light grey or white mesh inserts.

Here is a close up of the two-inch waistband with the drawstring. It is made of a satin like material.

Here is a view of the bottom front.  There are mesh inserts or air vents. The tights are mid calf length. They are a light grey or even white color.

Here is the full length back view.

Here is the back view of the top of the tights.

And another.

Here is the back view of the bottom legs. There is a closer view of the light grey mesh inserts, air vents. You can also see the small silver omega lululemon symbol on the left hand leg.

Here is a close up of the tag that I didn’t rip out. They are size 10.  It also says wet, dry, warm on the top of the inside of the waistband.

What was unusual is that it says, designed in Vancouver, made in Indonesia!

The body fabric is: 82% nylon and 18% lycra spandex. There are three other fabric blends on the label!

The inside crotch as a cotton like material.

They are by far the most comfortable running tights! Does anybody know the name of them?


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Lululemon Light Grey Racerback Top Tank White Mesh Pocket 039

This is a light grey racerback top tank.

It is fitted in front.

This is the side view, with a wide panel rather than a single side seam.

There is a join under the arm.

This is the back view, showing the racerback.

There is a large join on the top which looks odd. There is the lululemon omega symbol in the middle.

There is a large white mesh pocket across the back. However, the material is fairly thin so you can’t put much in the pocket without it ripping or falling out.

This top is lined with light white t-shirt material. It has slight pilling.

The label says that it was made in Vancouver and that it is a size 8.

This top is bra lined with a one inch bra band.

This is a good running top and I bought at least two or three of them.

Anybody know what name this top is?

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Lululemon Light Grey Luon Wide Headband 025

This is a light grey colored luon wide headband.

It is almost the same as the previous headband, 024 except it’s in a different color and it’s slightly wider.

It is  three inches at its widest.

It tapers to one and five eights of an inch at the back.

It is double layered. It is sewn at the back.

This headband is wide enough so that it was warm to wear in the winter on the ski slopes!