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Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural UPDATE

BC Global TV news reported today that a graffiti mural on a large wall facing the beach has been commissioned by Lululemon founders, Shannon and Chip Wilson.

Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

The article: Lululemon founders commission graffiti mural on Kits Beach to stop problem tagging by Amy Judd. (with files from Darlene Heidemann)

Kitsilano beach is in Vancouver. Kitsilano is the neighborhood where the first Lululemon store opened and where the head office is now. On a wall facing the beach, people used to tag it with inappropriate pictures and words.

IMGP6143 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Shannon and Chip Wilson, who live close to the wall, got the idea to commission graffiti artists to paint a mural when they visited Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia which had the same problem.

Scott Sueme is one of the graffiti artists who helped to create the art.

IMGP6158 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Seven artists worked on this project.

IMGP6174 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Graeme Bergland, local artist was the project organizer.

IMGP6183 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Lots of color was used by the artists. It’s thought that people would not likely paint over the mural, especially since it was done by graffiti artists.

IMGP6170 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

Shannon and Chip Wilson

IMGP6162 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

IMGP6181 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

IMGP6146 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

The mural will be much appreciated by the public.

IMGP6148 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

The mural is very close to the beach.

IMGP6147 Lululemon Founders Chip and Shannon Wilson Commission Graffiti Artists for Beach Wall Mural

I was very interested to see this news report. I live very close to this beach and look forward to checking this mural out!

Lululemon has appreciated this kind of colorful art before. Here is the front and side of the flagship West 4th Lululemon store that shows colorful art. You can see this in the collage of my blog.


I love the art that Chip and Shannon Wilson has donated to the city. In addition to this mural, they also donated a group of laughing statues (previous blog post), too.

UPDATE: In the news today, September 23, 2014, it was revealed that because of a neighbor’s complaint, the City of Vancouver checked and determined that this mural did not have a permit.

Because of this, the beautiful mural was painted over. There is a now a message on the wall that reads, ‘The City of Vancouver.  Consistently opposing the arts.’

As a Vancouverite, I am so ashamed that the City has done this. There are so many other pressing problems that they could tend to instead. I don’t know why anybody would complain about this amazing mural. Obviously, this complaining ‘neighbor’ is a total jerk who does not appreciate art or the efforts to fight graffiti as his neighbors have.

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Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon 2012 Video

Thought I’d post the Seawheeze video (official?) that was posted on my neighborhood blog (, neighborhood of the first Lululemon store).

This video gives a nice view of how awesome the first Seawheeze was last weekend! Hopefully, people will think about participating next year!

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Lululemon Photos from the Seawheeze Half Marathon Party Zone 2

I took some photos at the Seawheeze Half Marathon race this morning.

Unfortunately, I woke up late so by the time I got there, most of the racers had past this point. The race started at 7:37 AM and I was almost 6 miles into the race where I was.

It was advertised as:

party zone 2- the world’s largest cheer station

 Come out and cheer our runners on at the toughest part of the half marathon, there will be pom-poms, vuvuzelas and sassy signs.

Join us for a complimentary pancake breakfast provided by The Boathouse, high fives and the world’s largest cheer station. We’re gonna be making some noise so bring your “A” game.

time: 7am – 10am

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anywhere near ‘the world’s largest cheer station’ by the time I got there at 9AM. In fact, most of the runners weren’t running, they were walking!

Still, there was a cheer group by the Kitsilano Lululemon still cheering them on as they walked by. I’d say the majority of those cheering were Lululemon employees. They were holding the signs Lululemon had had printed up (and were in the store window) and were waving shredded Lululemon bags as pom poms.

Here’s a mascot!

Not sure what the caveman theme was all about?

There was a pancake breakfast but I think that there was something wrong with the grill because it took 15 minutes (literally!) before I got barely cooked pancakes.

David’s tea had small paper cups of refreshing pineapple tea.

There was a lone band playing half way up the street. I’m sure they were appreciated earlier in the morning.

Here was a few runners with a pace bicycle close by.

They had a few kids playing with some blocks.

I walked down West 4th to see if there was another cheer group and there was a block away.

At Cypress, there was a group of young girls and their parents wearing Ivivva purple outfits.

I’m sure they must have been given them to cheer. They looked nice all matching in their outfits.

Promptly at 9:55 AM, they disbanded and started leaving.

If they wanted to attract more people to cheer, they should have advertised more and maybe offer free lululemon clothing, like they did with the Ivivva girls. I hope there was more cheering at other spots.

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Lululemon Three Days before the Seawheeze Half Marathon!

Only three days before the first Seawheeze Half Marathon, this Saturday, August 11, 2012!

As I mentioned before, although I’m a runner, I decided long ago not to run this event because I thought it was too expensive to enter. ($128) That’s a pretty pricey cost for a half marathon. Most full marathons aren’t even that expensive.

You do get a pair of shorts (retail $54) that are white with colored polka dots. I saw them on somebody’s blog and they are cute enough I suppose. I’m not sure what the men get.

I am volunteering on Friday night, at package pick up. I’ve volunteered at many other races (mostly marathons) in the past.

I was surprised, however, to find that my other volunteer gig was changed without even asking me if it was okay. I had purposely signed up far ahead to make sure I’d get the right location for the morning of the race.

For the morning of the race, one of the organizers just put me at a different part of the course (ie: farther away from where I wanted to be). That would mean that I would have to get myself there (no public transport or parking) very early in the morning. That is why I chose the area close to where I live-so I could walk there.

When I emailed them back, they responded, no apology, just said,

‘Due to a shortage of course marshals we had to consolidate our needs.’

So I had to cancel. I will be one of the non-official volunteer cheering sections on the Kitsilano side instead. I think I’d have more fun that way anyway.

Although the race is closed to runners, there’s still a handful of volunteer gigs available in case you want to be a part of Lululemon history!

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Countdown to Lululemon’s Seawheeze Half Marathon August 11, 2012

In two weeks, on August 11th, 2012, Lululemon will have their first half marathon, the Seawheeze!

I’ve been looking forward to this for months!

I’ve been seeing lots of Lululemon clad runners training for this race. Some of them are even wearing the polka dot shorts that you get if you enter the race.

All the Lululemon stores have been showing SeaWheeze. This is the window display in the West 4th Avenue store.

These signs crack me up!

Today, I saw the first two street signs.

I’ll be volunteering near the foot of the Burrard Street Bridge, which is close to the Lululemon head office. I wish I could run the race, but I can’t afford it right now.

This is part of the view the runners may see.

Why don’t you sign up to race or to volunteer? You still have time!

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A Gift of Laughter from the Lululemon’s Wilson family

It was recently announced that a famous piece of art that has been along the seawall of Vancouver has been bought and donated to the city of Vancouver by Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson and his wife, Shannon.

This is called ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ created by artist Yue MinJun.

What I just found out from a friend is that all of the faces in his art, are his own.

I don’t know why, but there is fencing around the exhibit today. It was not there the last time I visited.

They are made of bronze.

They are quite tall.

Some of the West End residents don’t like them so much.

You can see the scale of how tall they are by comparing it to Rachel, a young tourist from Edmonton.

Here’s a nice close-up!

If the West End neighborhood doesn’t want them, they can bring them over to Kitsilano, close to the Lululemon headquarters or first store!

Thanks again, Chip and Shannon!

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Lululemon and Ivivva at the Khatsalano Music and Art Festival in Kitsilano

Today was the Khatsalano! Music and Art street Festival on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano here in Vancouver.

Khatsalano was the name of a prominent Native Aboriginal Chief, and Kitsilano, (the present spelling of the neighborhood), was named after this man.

Kitsilano is the home of the first Lululemon store. Note the ‘pure kits’ in the sign above.

And Ivivva is two doors down from that store.

I wanted to see what they would do at this street festival.

Lululemon had two mannequins outside their store. The first was posed beside an ice cream truck.

Hmmm. Not sure why they did this. I don’t know if there was real ice cream in the cart or not. In any case, it was kinda underwhelming.

The other mannequin’s outfit matched the pink candy cart. The Candy Aisle, a fellow West 4th Avenue business, provided pink salt water taffy that the mannequin was supposed to be giving out to passers-by. At least we got a piece of candy. (from a live person)

The Ivivva store was more activity oriented to attract the kids. They had a large tent on the street.

They were supposed to be at a beach. They even had inflatable palm trees.

They had different activities for the kids. There was also two blow up plastic pools filled with sand I think that had little girls dancing in them. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, they did not appear to have any clothing outside for sale. Other stores on the street used this as an opportunity to have a sidewalk sale and we found lots of bargains, especially at the Ice Breaker store. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed. Maybe next year. Or maybe they are distracted with their half marathon, the SeaWheeze coming up in two weeks?

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Lululemon Brown Racerback tank Chip’s (Wilson) Not Dead Memorial Mile Top 007

This is a brown racerback tank that I got from the Chip Wilson’s Not Dead Memorial Mile race. The mile course was pretty much uphill on West 10th Avenue on the west side of Vancouver. The race course was not too far from the West 4th Kitsilano Lululemon store.

The Chip’s Not Dead Yet was a charity race for BC Children’s Hospital that was sponsored by Lululemon’s founder, Chip Wilson. As far as I remember, it was only put on for a few years. It was fun because they had different costume categories such as super heroes, brides, etc.

I remember volunteering one year and passing out race packets days before the actual race. The volunteers were upstairs in the West 4th Avenue Kitsilano Lululemon store. I remember that it was really hot up there!

In addition to be a family friendly fun run, I think people signed up because they knew they’d get this nice tank top!

I really like the fabric of this tank. It is made of 97% polyester and 3% x-static and silver nylon. It has a nice silky feel to it. As you can see, I did not rip out the tag.

It is a nice light brownish olive green color with bright lime threads. It has the racerback with the omega symbol in the middle.

The Chip’s Not Dead Yet coffin is a dark yellow. When Chip Wilson was on the news, he mentioned that BC Children’s Hospital was their charity of choice because of the many times he had taken his kids there with sports and play injuries over the years and how they always got great care there.

Unfortunately, this race seemed to end a couple of years ago. The Wilson family had sponsored some other charity race after that, but it was a lot more low key. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring it back again!

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Lululemon Ivivva Grey Shorts with pink threads, striped grey and white trim 003

I remember when the first Ivivva store opened here in Kitsilano, Vancouver! Or I remember the OQOQO brand first, which I never knew how to pronounce. I wasn’t sure if OQOQO was another cheaper Lululemon brand or what. It wasn’t that clear to me. I think it was supposed to be ‘greener’ than Lululemon? Mens? Where is it now?!

But the Ivivva store always has tons of girls and their Moms so I guess the Ivivva name finally won out.

I always thought it was a shame that they couldn’t have the original Lululemon store and the Ivivva store right beside each other. But, I guess they couldn’t get the other store to move, or maybe they will once the lease is up. Who knows? I think it’s a bathing suit store but I could be wrong…

The rumor was that the girls’ line was created because Lululemon was tired of having to hem extra small adult sizes so many sizes. I know that my friend’s daughter always stole her Lululemon clothing so she was glad when they opened.

I know my other friends’ daughters all now wear Ivivva. They even had an Ivivva booth set up at a tony private school’s fair this year!

The Ivivva store here offers free dance classes. You can see from the interior decor of a toe shoe chandelier, that they like to encourage the ballet crowd. My friend’s daughter used to attend the free hip hop classes.

This is a pair of grey shorts made of a smooth satin matte fabric.

You can see the Ivivva symbol on the left hand side.

There is a white and grey stripe across the front and back.

There is pink thread accents in the front.

The waistband is around two inches wide. There is a white drawstring inside that has a little pull.

These shorts do not have pockets though…that was a complaint.

Does the Ivivva clothing have snappy names for their garments, too?

Good Old Lululemon Blog


This is my first posting for my new blog, Good Old Lululemon!

I am a Lululemon fanatic. (Yes, I’m aware of the blog, Lululemon Addict which I read faithfully, but she concentrates on new merchandise. I’m also aware of Lulumom, and I’m sure we might have run into each other in our mutual neighborhood!).

I have embraced the Lululemon lifestyle to the nth degree and have for years. I think the one thing I think of everyday is: ‘Do one thing a day that scares you’. I took up yoga because of Lululemon.

I was reprimanded at work because I wore a pair of Lululemon yoga pants to work on casual day even though they looked nicer than the cheap pair of Walmart maternity pants my supervisor dared to wear in public. Go figure.

I have been adding to my collection of Lululemon for years. I live a few blocks from the first Lululemon store in Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia. I have seen the meteoric rise of Lululemon from the first store on West 4th Avenue to what it is today!

I believe that I have one of the largest, if not the largest personal collection of Lululemon clothing, accessories, bags, etc in the world!

I have to admit that I was curious as to the total number of Lululemon items that I do own which is why I decided to create this blog. Other normal people would buy an item, wear it and then dispose of it some way, but I haven’t been able to do that. I admit that I am an unusual type of hoarder!

After I finish documenting all of my collection (a few at a time per post), I’m going to get rid of most of the pieces. I lost my job recently so I’m going to reluctantly have to sell most of my collection.

I think that because of where I live, I was able to find pieces that were not available to other cities. One problem I have is identifying the pieces. Although I probably visit any of the many Lululemon stores here at least twice a week for the last several years, I never really paid attention to the names of anything, aside from the Scuba hoodie! I don’t know why…it never occurred to me to remember any name.

So if anybody can help me and identify anything for me, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it! You know how they had the long thin strips that they said to rip them out? Well, I did! So I don’t even know what sizes everything is either!

Some people have given me their Lululemon castoffs over the years as well. They likened me to a Lululemon curator of sorts. But now, they think it’s getting out of hand and are urging me to get rid of stuff as well.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and by the way, if there is anything you might be interested in buying, let me know!

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