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Lululemon Dark Green Khaki Olive Drawstring Sweatshirt Shorts 086

This is a pair of dark green khaki olive drawstring shorts made of sweatshirt or sweatpants material. The legs are fairly short in length.

This is a close up of the front of the shorts. There is a drawstring waistband. The doubled over waistband is ribbed and approximately three inches wide.

At the end of the ties, it says Lululemon on them.

Here is a closeup view of the back. There is a triangle section that provides a better fit.

There is a small raised velour omega Lululemon symbol on the left hand side.

Here is a close-up of the side. They aren’t joined that well.

There is an inside mesh pocket. As I’ve mentioned before, these pockets are too small to hold much of anything in them in my opinion.

These shorts are very comfortable and could be used for anything, yoga, running, or just walking around. Does anybody know the name of these?

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Lululemon Green Khaki Olive Tie Waistband Shorts 072

This is a pair of green khaki or olive green shorts with a tied waistband. In the pictures, the color is a little off. It looks almost a brown in these photos, but they are definitely more green colored.

As you probably can see, I lost the tie string! This is not the first time or last time this has happened to me unfortunately.

Here is a back view of the shorts.

Here is a closer view. See the small silver omega lululemon symbol.

Here they are, turned inside out. There is a small beige rectangular shaped pocket sewn inside.

Here is the back view of the tag which was not taken out but laundered to a scrawny string!

You can also see the inside of the crotch area. I’m not sure why it is a different color and fabric.

I wore these shorts a lot. I wore them even after I lost the tie to the waistband. Does anybody know the name of these?


Lululemon Olive Khaki Green Tank Top Criss Cross Back Straps 068

This is an olive or khaki green tank top with thin criss cross back. You can see a fitted design in the front and in the back.

Here is the front top with the not quite rounded nor not quite v-neckline.

Here is the side view. The armholes are fairly low.

This is the back view. Again, you can see the fitted cut.

As you can see, there are criss cross back straps and a thin strap straight across.

Here’s a closer view. You can also see the small silver omega symbol in the middle.

This top is also bra lined with a mesh material. The bra band is black and approximately one inch wide.

I love the color of this one. Does anybody know the name of this?


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Lululemon Olive Khaki Dark Green Yoga Pants Drawstring 055

This is a pair of olive khaki dark green long yoga pants with a drawstring.

Unfortunately, my mannequin does not have legs, so it’ll be difficult to show the pants that I have.

The waistband is approximately three inches wide. The drawstring is made of a white elasticized shoe lace like string.

This is the back view.

This is a closeup of the top of the back.

There is a small silver omega symbol on the left leg, around the knee area.

This is a nice change to my usual black yoga pants.

Anybody know what these yoga pants are called?