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Lululemon Wannabe Fake Leo Star Athletica Brown Yoga Pants with Pockets 130

This is a pair of Lululemon fake wannabe Leo Star Athletica brown yoga pants with pockets. There are a few companies here in Vancouver that are suspiciously similar to Lululemon.

This is a Vancouver based company (Leo Star and J76) that says that they manufacture their line in Vancouver. I have seen a couple of their stores. Their yoga pants look very similar to groove pants. Their jackets also look very similar to Lululemon styles.

What they do offer that is different from Lululemon is a maternity line, dress skirts and dresses. I was surprised to learn that they have quite a few stores here in BC, a couple out of province and one in Hong Kong even.

Here is a full view of the front of the pants. The fabric is very similar in texture and weight to the kind Lululemon uses for their pants. The legs are fairly widely flared.

Lululemon fake Leo Star Brown Yoga Pants

This is a close up view of the front of the pants. There are two pockets which are similarly cut to a style that Lululemon also makes.

Here is another view of the front.

This is a view of the side of the pants.

This is a full view of the back of the pants.

Here is a close up of the silver symbol that they put on the pants. It is not in the same position though.

And here is the stamped label inside the pants. That looks familiar as well!

I wonder how many people have bought these pants thinking that they will have the same style and quality of Lululemon?! I think they do a pretty good copy job, considering.