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Lululemon Black Running Cap with Grey Floral Design 021

This is a black running cap with a drawn grey floral design.

And yes, this is very similar to the previous white running cap 020!

It is made of the same raised rectangles fabric.

You can see the grey or silver drawn floral pattern on the top.

It has the same pony tail hole with the adjustable velcro strap across.

It also has the same too small zippered pocket that I never use.

And it has the same raised plastic silver omega symbol that is sewn in.

You can see more of the floral pattern on the top here.

There is the elasticized head band inside.

Okay, so here is where this hat is different from the white cap, it doesn’t have the same mesh lining inside. There is a tiny bit of mesh but I’m not sure why they even bothered. The mesh lining is what’s attractive of the white cap because it feels cooler when running.

But, it does have this spiffy little ID label that you can write your name and number on. I think it’s odd that they say mobile. Here in Vancouver, we usually say cell rather than mobile.  Whereas my European friends say mobile. What this cap destined for a European market?!

Anybody know this cap’s name?