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Lululemon Zippered Slalom Black Jacket with Quilted Sleeve Patches Satin Trim 097

This is a black zippered slalomĀ jacket that has quilted sleeve patches. It is made of a thick cotton like with lycra fabric.

This is a close up view of the front top. See the wide lapels. If it’s zipped up, it’s like a turtleneck.

Here is another view of the front. You can see the thin strip of satin lining the zipper.

Here is a view of theĀ  side. You can see side pockets. The pocket lining is made of a mesh material.

There are also extra long sleeves with a ribbed doubled cuff. There are no thumb holes though.

Here is a view of the full back. You can see a grey felt omega lululemon symbol in the middle.

Here is a close up view of the back top.

Here is a view of the back of the sleeves. It has a quilted patch as a protector.

Here is a view of the earphone holder with a little lululemon omega symbol. You can also see a thin strip of a satin lining as well. This runs along much of the inside of the jacket.

Here is a view of the label. You can’t read much of it though.

This is a comfortable jacket and I even bought it in another color. Does anybody remember the name of it?