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Lululemon Forest Sea foam Shamrock Green Zippered Jacket 127

This is a Lululemon forest sea foam shamrock green zippered jacket. The medium weight fabric is a cotton and lycra blend.

Here is a full view of the front of the jacket. I have it zipped all the way up. It’s not really fitted like other jackets.

Lululemon green zippered jacket with zippered pockets

Here is a close up view of the front of the jacket.

Here is a close up of the zipper pull and zipper garage or chin protector. You can see the red and white lululemon zipper pull.

This is a side view of the jacket. No thumb holes in the sleeves though.

Here is a close up of the zippered pocket.

This is a full view of the back of the jacket. It is mid length.

Here is a close up of the back top of the jacket. You can see a close up of the cream-colored or tie dye omega lululemon symbol.

This is the label that is inside the jacket. It says that it was Made in Canada (in english and french), that it is cotton and lycra, and that it is size 12.

This jacket shrunk when washed because it is quite tight-fitting now. I would not say that it is a size 12 but more a size 8. I do like the pockets! Does anybody remember this jacket?

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Lululemon Green Shirt Silverescent Top Short Sleeved Harry Potter Goal 037

This is a green silverescent short-sleeved shirt.

It is a nice forest green color.

The goal that was filled in was, ‘I’ve read Harry Potter #7 by Jan 15. There is a leaping woman beside it.

The sleeves are short, almost cap sleeved.

There is a pocket on the sleeve.

This top is of medium length. I liked to use it for running.

The omega lululemon symbol is on the back. Underneath is the silverescent stamp.

Inside, there is a label which says, ‘wet, dry, warm’.

You can see the threads in the fabric.

I remember when the silverescent clothing came out and I couldn’t really tell the difference. Even if it doesn’t make much difference scent-wise, the fabric is comfortable.

Does anybody know what this shirt was called?