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Lululemon Black Terry Cloth Beach Hoodie Half Sleeve Jacket 142

This is a Lululemon black terry cloth beach or bath hoodie half sleeve jacket. The fabric is a nice cushy terry cloth.

Here is a full view of the front of the jacket.

Lululemon Black Terry Cloth Half Sleeve Bath Beach Hoodie Jacket

This is a close up view of the top of the front of the jacket. You can see a red omega lululemon symbol zipper pull.

Here is a view of the top of the hood. There is a pink embroidered omega Lululemon symbol. The hood is double layered.

Here is a full side view of the jacket. There is pink threading. You can see that the sleeves are not short sleeves but a little longer than that.

Here is a picture of the side pocket. There are pockets on each side.

This is a full view of the back of the jacket. It is of medium length.

Here is a picture of the label. It says that it was Made in Vancouver and is a size M. Providing components for people to live a longer, healthier and more fun life.

This is a nice comfortable hoodie jacket that is perfect for the bath or beach! Does anybody remember when this came out and if there were matching terry cloth pants?

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Lululemon White and Grey Striped Seersucker Long Shorts Pink Trim Pink Snaps 070

This is a pair of white and grey striped long seersucker walking or beach shorts with pink trim.

Here is the back view. There are two large pockets in the back that are made of white mesh fabric.

Here is the front waistband. There are two snap buttons at the front. You can also see the pink belt loop, too.

Here’s a closer view of the buttons. They are a pink pearl background with a white flower figure.

Here is a view of the inside of the waistband. It has a cool wavy pattern and a pink polka dot trim. There is a label that reads, Wet, Dry, Warm.

Here is the side view of the pockets. They are nice and roomy with a slant. The pockets are a white mesh fabric.

Here is a view of the zippered pocket with a black Lululemon tag.

Here is a view of the side with the pink embroidered omega lululemon symbol.

Here is a view of the wide waistband and belt loop.

These are really cute walking shorts or for the beach. They are a nice light fabric. Does anybody know the name of these shorts?