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Lululemon Coral Salmon Hot Pink Embracer II Tank Running Yoga Mesh Tank Top 106

This is a Lululemon hot coral salmon pink Embracer II tank top that has a mesh strip back. Here is a full view of the front.

Here is a close up view of the front. The fabric is smooth and fairly soft. There is some give to it. The straps are a fairly thin width. The neck is fairly low cut.

Here is a view of the side bottom. You can see a silver omega lululemon symbol.

Here is a full view of the back. It has a deep cut back. It’s fairly long. You can see a strip of double layered mesh fabric down the middle.

Here is a view of the bottom. You can see a small pocket.

This is a really comfortable top and is perfect for a hot summer day! Does anybody remember the name of it?

Note: Thanks very much to Justine for letting me know that this is an Embracer II Tank!!