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Lululemon White Tank Camisole Top Neon Green Criss Cross Back Spaghetti Straps 017

This is a white tank, camisole style top that has neon or lime green criss cross back spaghetti straps.

It is made of a very thin soft fabric. To me, it’s sheer enough to be the material tights or leotards are made of. It is very comfortable.

The elasticized straps or strips really are thin and a neon or lime green color. The border of the  neck to the back are the same elasticized straps. As you can see, there is a soft gathering in front to define the bust.

There are criss cross straps in the back. The back has a rounded scoop. There is a small silver omega symbol.

The main body of the garment is not that long, but then, there is an addition sewn on the front and bottom. I wonder if it was added to add length?

I have folded it up so that you can see that there is another silver omega symbol underneath. I have no idea why it would be there because if you wear it properly, it would always be hidden. Also, the sides are not sewn together.

This top is bra lined. I have turned it inside out so you can see. There is a very thin white mesh sewn in. It does not give too much support though.

I do love this top because it is so soft and feminine. Would I do any sports with it on alone? No. There is really not enough support.

I am really confused as to why they have the hidden omega symbol. Any ideas?