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Lululemon Free Monday Evening Yoga Classes at the Flagship Kitsilano Lululemon Store

Lululemon is famous for providing free yoga classes at its stores as a way to give back to the community.

I have been attending these free classes for years now. I usually go to the other stores, like Oakridge, Robson Street and the Lululemon Lab rather than the Kitsilano flagship store (the first Lululemon store!), which is only a few blocks away from me. The last time I had attended free classes at the Kits store, they held them upstairs and you had to climb these rickety stairs and pose on squeaky floors.

Now, they operate like the other stores, and hold the classes on the sales floor. I like it better that way than the former upstairs venue.

Tonight, the 8 PM class was packed! Mats were mere inches away from each other. We ran the risk of hitting each other with hands, arms, feet and legs. It was almost claustrophobic for me.

I had never had this instructor before at the other stores’ classes. She was quite good though and ran us through the poses at a fairly quick pace. It wasn’t quite power yoga but it wasn’t a normal pace either.

Finally, we have reached the final pose, Shavasana, or corpse pose, where we lie down like a corpse for an extended period to relax. However, for some odd reason, the instructor decided to blast a religious song in the room at that moment! It was so loud, I had to literally plug my ears. That racket wasn’t allowing me to relax at all. I felt sorry for the people who were lying right beside her speaker! Usually, I love the relaxation and serenity of Shavasana, but not this time!

I would love to return to this class but now I don’t know. Maybe if I come next week and she does the same thing, I can just sneak out early! Note to self: put mat close to the door!