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Lululemon Exclusive Clothing from the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon 2012

I visited the Seawheeze showcase store this afternoon and decided to take some photos.

I know that my blog is usually for older Lululemon clothes but these posts covering the Seawheeze is an exception.

When I went at around 2PM, the wait for the dressing rooms were long and the wait for the cash registers were really long! Later in the afternoon, the waits were a lot less.

It was nice to see these exclusive pieces! I love the appearance of polka dots (the shorts included with the entry fee have polka dots), love the silhouette of the female runner, too.

Each colored ‘tree’ or ‘lung’ was sized. Interestingly, the highest or largest women’s size was 10. The largest men’s size was XL.I love the colors, especially the watermelon!

This is similar to the men’s shorts (or maybe were the actual shorts) that were in the race packet.

I love the hydration pieces that are made in partnership with amphipod!

I really wonder if these pieces will be exclusive to this event or if I’ll see them at the regular stores?

This is one of the line-ups.

This is my favorite piece!

I love these cut out shorts, too!

I like these striped head bands!

Did you see any pieces you’d want to wear?

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Lululemon Stainless Steel Small Water Bottle Purple trim Amphipod 035

This is the same bottle featured in 034 but this has purple trim.

The purple color is more prominent than on the green bottle.

I love this color!

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Lululemon Stainless Steel Small Water Bottle Lime trim Amphipod 034

This is a stainless steel small water bottle with lime trim, amphipod.

Taken from their website:

‘The only stainless handheld system designed specifically for runners.  Engineered for instant access to fluids and essentials with quick-zip bounce-free pocket.

• Ultralight 16-ounce PURErun™ Stainless Steel Bottle • Expandable zippered pouch – storage without bulk or bounce for gel, keys, ID • Adjustable custom fit with no-slip quick hand release • Fully cushioned removable Thermal-Lite™ sleeve • Ultra-comfortable minimalist strap design won’t trap sweat • Inert surgical grade silicone quench flow spout • Dual position spout overcap with QuickFlip™ to drink, secondary screw-down security • No plastic liner or straw, dishwasher safe and BPA-Free • Revolutionary, patent-pending design’

Amphipod is a company that made these bottles for lululemon. They specialize in running accessories. They have the same bottle on their website without the special lululemon touches.

This bottle is eight inches tall.

The top has the amphipod stamped on it.

There is an expandable pouch that can hold keys or gels. Inside, is a special lululemon label.

The bottom has the amphipod stamped in the bottom.

It’s hard to see but the punched out design is the lululemon omega symbol.

This is the perfect size for running as long as you have water fountains along the way where you can re-fill the bottle. I like it better than having 3 small plastic bottles around my waist in a belt.