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Lululemon Bamboo Brick Yoga Block 032

This is a bamboo brick, yoga block.

This yoga block measure approximately five and a third by nine inches and three and a half inches wide.

I had bought this yoga block for my yogi, yoga teacher, Rachel. She’s the best yogi instructor one could ever find! The previous year, I had given her a different size bamboo plank. She moved from the city before I had a chance to give it to her.

It says, ‘Deepen the level of your postures, increase your flexibility’.

On one side, the wrapper just has figures doing yoga poses. There is nothing on the brick itself on this side.

On the other side, the brick is stamped with, ‘BREATHE DEEPLY’ and with the omega symbol.

The wrapper says:

‘Strength, flexibility, tenacity and endurance; bamboo is truly one of the most unique plants on the planet. Traditional beliefs state that Buddha himself can be found in a bamboo grove, a place which restores calmness to emotions and stimulates creativity. The lululemon Bamboo Yoga Brick will help deepen the level of your postures while helping you to achieve optimum body alignment’.

There is also the french version as well.

This brick’s price was $24. It says that it is 100% bamboo and was made in China.

I haven’t seen these lately, I mostly see the dense foam blocks at class.