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Lululemon Pale Yellow Tank Yoga Top White Scoop Neck mesh Racer Back 019

This is a pale yellow tank yoga top with a white scoop neck. The back is a racer back mesh style.

The white scoop neck is around two inches wide. The arm holes are not cut too low.

The length is average.

The back is a racer back style. There is a yellow mesh inset. There is a small silver omega in the center of the back.

The yellow mesh is double layered.

The mesh is a little stiff, so not so comfortable sometimes.

I have turned the top inside out to show the bra lining. The front is a soft comfortable yellow material doubled with the yellow mesh. There is no pilling. The bra band is beige and around an inch thick. It is made of a fabric elastic rather than the fabric covering a band of elastic and gathered.

There is a slit to put in bra cups if wanted.

There is a little sticker that says 6. I don’t know if that is the size or what?

The back of the bra lining is the yellow mesh material.

The pale yellow color attracted me to this top the most. I like the white scoop neck as well. Don’t care for the mesh in the back so much.

Anybody know what this top is called?

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Lululemon Light Blue and Navy Short Sleeve Shirt 011

This is a light blue and navy short sleeve shirt top.

It is made of a thin fabric, 100% polyester. This is the one that catches easily. You have to be very careful with it. The threading is white.

I had assumed that this was a womens shirt but it is only a size XS and it’s quite roomy. But I’m not sure if the sleeves are long enough to be a mens shirt. As you can see from the label, it was made in Vancouver.

There is the small pocket on the side. This pocket has a double layered top. There is no hole for ear phones so maybe it’s just for a card or key?

The silver omega symbol is on both sleeves and on the back. This is the larger symbol.

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Lululemon Brown Racerback tank Chip’s (Wilson) Not Dead Memorial Mile Top 007

This is a brown racerback tank that I got from the Chip Wilson’s Not Dead Memorial Mile race. The mile course was pretty much uphill on West 10th Avenue on the west side of Vancouver. The race course was not too far from the West 4th Kitsilano Lululemon store.

The Chip’s Not Dead Yet was a charity race for BC Children’s Hospital that was sponsored by Lululemon’s founder, Chip Wilson. As far as I remember, it was only put on for a few years. It was fun because they had different costume categories such as super heroes, brides, etc.

I remember volunteering one year and passing out race packets days before the actual race. The volunteers were upstairs in the West 4th Avenue Kitsilano Lululemon store. I remember that it was really hot up there!

In addition to be a family friendly fun run, I think people signed up because they knew they’d get this nice tank top!

I really like the fabric of this tank. It is made of 97% polyester and 3% x-static and silver nylon. It has a nice silky feel to it. As you can see, I did not rip out the tag.

It is a nice light brownish olive green color with bright lime threads. It has the racerback with the omega symbol in the middle.

The Chip’s Not Dead Yet coffin is a dark yellow. When Chip Wilson was on the news, he mentioned that BC Children’s Hospital was their charity of choice because of the many times he had taken his kids there with sports and play injuries over the years and how they always got great care there.

Unfortunately, this race seemed to end a couple of years ago. The Wilson family had sponsored some other charity race after that, but it was a lot more low key. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring it back again!

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Lululemon Turquoise Short Sleeve Luon Top with V-neck and V-Back 005

This top is a turquoise short sleeve luon top with a V-neck and V-Back.

I really liked this bright turquoise blue color!

The front is a fairly low cut v-neck.

This is a very comfortable fabric to wear.

The Lululemon symbol is on the left hand corner in front as opposed to on the sleeve or on the back.

It also has a fairly low v-neck in the back, too. I have to admit, it takes a bit of getting used to. The back is lower than the front.

I didn’t usually wear this shirt for sports. I felt too self conscious.

It is fairly long which is good.

The inside is lined, made of  a flesh colored thin fabric and a one inch bra band.

The stamped label says that it is: Made in Canada providing  components for people to live a longer, healthier and more fun life. Also, the kind of fabric and the usual care instructions. it is a size 12. I’m surprised that there is no french in the label as the other top had.

It was always confusing when dressing to tell which was the front and which was the back at times.

Anybody know the name of this shirt?

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Lululemon Red V neck Tank with multi colored Side Stripe with Criss Cross Straps 004

This is one of my old favorites, a red tank (lined) with a multi colored side stripe and criss cross straps.

It has a v neck but not a sharp v.

I wondered why there was just the one side with the multi colored stripe? At the time, I thought the color combination didn’t really go together that well. I thought it might be better with just a couple of colors.

This top also has criss cross straps in the back. It also has the one thin strap across the back. Although I liked the way that single strip looked, it sometimes bothered my back when it didn’t lay flat all the time.

There is a thin white mesh lining and red bra band inside.

You can barely make it out in these photos, but it says that it is a size 8, was made in Canada (in english and french) and the fabric description and care instructions.

The one complaint I had with this top was that it tended to pill faster than other same tops.

Anybody remember this one’s name?

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Lululemon White Long Sleeved Running Top 002

This is a top that I used to wear for running.

It is made of a thin technical type material. I used to get catches in the material though which bothered me.


It has a small pocket which I never used for anything. What do other people use such a small pocket for?!

You can also see the thumbholes.

The label has worn away. It is a size small and was made in Vancouver, Canada.

There are three omega symbols, one in the back and one on each sleeve at the top.

This was a good layering piece when running.

Anybody know what this piece is called?