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Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon Sunset Activities 2013

The Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon featured a Friday night sunset yoga class.

Here are photos from the Seawheeze Friday Sunset Yoga class at Kitsilano beach.


The balloons suspended were really cool to see!

IMGP5410 IMGP5411 IMGP5412 IMGP5413

This class was taught by Christie Baumgartner! She taught a Lululemon nooner class and she was awesome!

IMGP5414 IMGP5415 IMGP5416 IMGP5417 IMGP5418 IMGP5419 IMGP5420 IMGP5421 IMGP5422 IMGP5423 IMGP5424 IMGP5425 IMGP5426 IMGP5428 IMGP5429 IMGP5430 IMGP5431 IMGP5432 IMGP5433

It was so worth it to be at the beach for the beautiful sunset!

IMGP5434 IMGP5435 IMGP5436 IMGP5438

After the class, they gave out gluten free s’mores!

Here are some photos from the Seawheeze Sunset Festival on Saturday night at Stanley Park, the closing event for the Seawheeze.


Lululemon ambassador, Ryan Leier taught yoga to thousands of us! I had never taken a class from him but he was really remarkable!

IMGP5573 IMGP5572 IMGP5571

They had large screens so that all the yogis in the back could see him better.

IMGP5570 IMGP5569

This yogi didn’t have a mat but still managed to totally rock the poses!

IMGP5568 IMGP5567 IMGP5566 IMGP5565 IMGP5564 IMGP5563 IMGP5562 IMGP5561 IMGP5560 IMGP5559 IMGP5558 IMGP5557 IMGP5556 IMGP5555 IMGP5554 IMGP5553 IMGP5552 IMGP5551 IMGP5550 IMGP5549 IMGP5548 IMGP5547 IMGP5546 IMGP5545 IMGP5544

Some cirque Seawheeze performers were there!


Loved this Lululemon van!


There were several photo cabanas so the race finishers could take their photo to put in their wood carved medal lockets!

IMGP5539 IMGP5538

There were several tents of food vendors and a liquor garden area as well.

IMGP5537 IMGP5615IMGP5614IMGP5617IMGP5613IMGP5536

Xavier played out Ryan Leier’s yoga class.


Here are some photos of Passenger. Great showman singer!

IMGP5580 IMGP5581 IMGP5582 IMGP5583 IMGP5584 IMGP5585 IMGP5586

They showed several photos of the race on the big screens.


I remember when I saw this guy, I was so stunned to see him and then to notice that he ran in sandals! Imagine running a half marathon in sandals!

IMGP5589 IMGP5591 IMGP5592 IMGP5593 IMGP5594 IMGP5596 IMGP5597 IMGP5598

Here’s Xavier Rudd again, a very talented versatile performer!

Here are some photos of his portion of the concert.

IMGP5599 IMGP5601 IMGP5602 IMGP5605

It got dark quickly!

IMGP5611 IMGP5612

What a great event the 2013 Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon was! Thanks again to Lululemon for a great time!