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Lululemon Mens Black White Heather Purple Grey Plaid Long Shorts 079

This is a pair of mens black and white plaid with some grey and heather purple accents pattern long shorts.

The waist is approximately thirty-four inches. There is a wide waistband that measures approximately two and three-quarter inches wide. There are also belt loops but they are sewn in the middle, so you’d have to wear a thin belt either on top of the loop or on the bottom of the loop.

They fall below the knees.

There is a short two-inch zipper and the rest is a velcro fastener.

There is a pocket that zippers across. The zipper pull is a velveteen strip that has a raised lululemon on it. There is the white omega lululemon symbol, made of raised velveteen.

This is a nice pair of walking shorts for the guys. Does anybody know what they are called or when they came out?

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Lululemon Mens Black Lined Shorts Silver Grey Trim 074

This is a pair of mens black lined shorts with silver or grey trim.

This is an older pair of shorts.  Here is the back view.

You can see the silver or grey wide trim in the back that wraps to the front.

As you can see, the silver omega symbol is different, it’s larger and it doesn’t have the round circle around it.

There is a zippered pocket in the back.

I have turned this pair of shorts inside out, so you can see that it is fully lined with a thin fabric.

There is a label that reads that it was made in Canada and is a size medium.

These were popular shorts in their day. Does anybody remember the name of them?