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This blog is about good old vintage Lululemon clothing and accessories and all things Lulu!

About a Lululemon Collector

This is my first posting for my new blog, Good Old Lululemon!

I am a Lululemon fanatic. (Yes, I’m aware of the blog, Lululemon Addict which I read faithfully, but she concentrates on new merchandise. I’m also aware of Lulumom, and I’m sure we might have run into each other in our mutual neighborhood!).

I have embraced the Lululemon lifestyle to the nth degree and have for years. I think the one thing I think of everyday is: ‘Do one thing a day that scares you’. I took up yoga because of Lululemon.

I was reprimanded at work because I wore a pair of Lululemon yoga pants to work on casual day even though they looked nicer than the cheap pair of Walmart maternity pants my supervisor dared to wear in public. Go figure.

I have been adding to my collection of Lululemon for years. I live a few blocks from the first Lululemon store in Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia. I have seen the meteoric rise of Lululemon from the first store on West 4th Avenue to what it is today!

I believe that I have one of the largest, if not the largest personal collection of Lululemon clothing, accessories, bags, etc in the world!

I have to admit that I was curious as to the total number of Lululemon items that I do own which is why I decided to create this blog. Other normal people would buy an item, wear it and then dispose of it some way, but I haven’t been able to do that. I admit that I am an unusual type of hoarder!

After I finish documenting all of my collection (a few at a time per post), I’m going to get rid of most of the pieces. I lost my job recently so I’m going to reluctantly have to sell most of my collection.

I think that because of where I live, I was able to find pieces that were not available to other cities. One problem I have is identifying the pieces. Although I probably visit any of the many Lululemon stores here at least twice a week for the last several years, I never really paid attention to the names of anything, aside from the Scuba hoodie! I don’t know why…it never occurred to me to remember any name.

So if anybody can help me and identify anything for me, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it! You know how they had the long thin strips that they said to rip them out? Well, I did! So I don’t even know what sizes everything is either!

Some people have given me their Lululemon castoffs over the years as well. They likened me to a Lululemon curator of sorts. But now, they think it’s getting out of hand and are urging me to get rid of stuff as well.

Thanks for reading!

By the way, if you’re interested in buying anything I post, please do let me know!

PS: At this point I would NOT want to buy anything from anybody. Please don’t offer to sell me anything.

Update (July 7, 2015)- I am still a Lululemon fan! I have yet to post all of my collection. I do it whenever I get around to it. Although I’ve been planning this for a while, I am going to try and start selling this fall.



50 thoughts on “About a Lululemon Collector

  1. Do you also buy lululemon product? I have boxes full of lululemon that I bought years ago and have never worn. It’s time to purge as I am a bit over the brand and my shopping addiction πŸ™‚

    • hi there,
      Gee, if it were a different time, like before I lost my job recently! I would have loved to see the stuff you’ve accumulated and bought some!
      The only thing I can suggest is to first post on craigslist and see what kind of response you get. Here in Vancouver, there are pages of people buying and selling Lulu. There was one person who had boxes of new product as well and they had a ‘garage sale’ of sorts.
      If that doesn’t work, you’d have to post the items, and that can be time consuming…
      There is also a facebook page, can’t remember the name, where you can post what you have to sell. You might get interest there.
      After that, I would try to sell on ebay. That takes a lot of work though.
      Good Luck!

    • Hey Lindsey,
      What sizes do you have? Do you happen to have a Gratitude Wrap? I would gladly purchase it if you do…..maybe wunder unders as well. Let me know, Thanks!

    • What a great site! I have a pair of pants I am trying to identify that are definitely old school Thought maybe you could help. Could I send you some pictures?

      • hi,
        If you’ve been looking at my pants category, you would see that I know very few names of them. I would suggest typing in a description of them in google images and see what comes up. So I doubt that I’d be able to help you with that…
        Unfortunately, Lululemon does not offer any library or help with identifying old item names that I know of.
        Good luck!

    • hi! You can email me at with the sizes of your pants i NEED new ones πŸ™‚

    • Lindsey do you have any 10s or 12s. I’d be interested.

    • we are looking for ‘vintage’ lulu jackets! made around 2007. would be happy to buy!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, after searching for LLL clothes from the ’90s. I guess I’m just curious to see what stuff looked like back then vs. now. Anyway, it’d be REALLY helpful if you would put the year on your posts–that is, if you know it (which you might not!) Great blog though!! I have it bookmarked

    • hi,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Unfortunately, I have no idea what year any of these pieces are…I have hundreds of pieces and never thought that I’d still be collecting them 14 years later.
      I never thought to keep the tags and then when they started to put in the rip it out tags, I was really in trouble with sizes.
      I also don’t remember the names of the pieces either. I have a bad memory for stuff like that. I would love to meet a true Lululemon historian to help me out!

  3. I am curious as to how you go about paring your collection down. I have a huge collection, but mostly things from the past couple of years. Due to needing the money, I want to sell some of my collection, but I have attachment issues! I’m not sure how to decide which pieces to get rid of, and which to keep. Do you have a rule of thumb like you will only keep so many tanks, luxtreme or luon crops? My other issues is since I work from home, and work out a lot, Lululemon comprises my whole wardrobe making it even more difficult to pare down. Anyway, and advice/rule of thumb that you have in deciding what to let go would be much appreciated!!

    • hi there,
      Unfortunately, I’m probably not a good person to ask as far as paring down a Lululemon collection! I have hundreds of pieces and I can’t seem to bear to get rid of anything! I even have duplicates of some pieces as well. Part of me would like to get rid of the old and replace with the new, but there are some pieces that are years old that I still like and wear.
      Here in Vancouver, many people wear Lululemon all the time and we get flak from some people who think that Lululemon should only be worn for yoga or sports. I disagree of course. We are criticized for our lack of fashion here because of it, too.
      I worked at a firm that did not allow me to wear black yoga pants and yet they would let other co-workers wear nasty cheap polyester pants. Because they recognized the silver omega Lululemon symbol, they deemed them yoga pants only and not appropriate for the office. I couldn’t even wear them on blue jeans day!
      How were you thinking of selling them? You can try Craigslist (here in Vancouver, so many people have Lulu to sell so the market’s a little saturated), facebook selling groups, and ebay to name a few. If you have a lot, you could try making your own website, too. There’s somebody here in the lower mainland who has their own website who I think does well.
      I have decided to post everything that I have (which is difficult because I keep buying!) and then think of selling. I may regret my decision if Lululemon’s popularity wanes and goes the way of the beanie baby! Good luck to you!

    • Hey Nic
      What sizes do you have? Do you happen to have a Gratitude Wrap? I would gladly purchase it if you do…..maybe wunder unders as well. Let me know, Thanks!

  4. Hi Kitsilano Debra
    I’m wondering what the name of a certain “vintage” scarf is… there any way I can send a pic to you to test your expertise? ha ha

  5. I’m interested in purchasing vintage lulu. What size are you? I wear a 6 in their current pants. Please contact me, I miss old lulu!

    • hi there,

      Actually I have several sizes of Lululemon items. At this point, especially with the rip it out tags they introduced and the fading of labels, it’s hard to tell which sizes everything is. I decided that I wanted to finish posting everything before starting the huge task of sorting and selling. Will start hopefully in the new year. At this point I have hundreds of pieces so you can imagine how difficult that will be. Thanks!

      • Well if you’d like to sell pants now, let me know. By next year I may have found another seller. I’m looking for size 6 classic tight yoga pants.

  6. Hi i just bought an old retro lululemon gym bag. I know nothing about it.
    I won it on a bidding site. Love the bag. Just can’t find any info about it.
    Was wondering if I can send you a pic and maybe you have seen it before.
    Thank you leslie

  7. Yep. Thought I was replying. Oops. Message me if you decide to sell πŸ˜„

  8. Please email me at for any size 6 pants you’d like to sell. Also can fit an 8 most of the time.

  9. Lululemon Pedal Power Blazer do you still have for sale?

  10. I would like to purchase a deep v tank if you have any in a size 10 or 12…

    • hi, I don’t think that I have a deep v tank in size 10 or 12. I have found that this particular style is quite small for the sizing, too. If I do, I’ll let you know. thanks

  11. Hi ladies, i have a bra i am looking for and do not know the name. I found it here on ebay, but the seller did not list it’s proper name. If anyone knows please write me. I know it will be easier to find more of them once i learn the name!

  12. hi!
    I was wondering if you have the harem pants for sale from 2013 possibly 2012. I can send you a picture if you’re uncertain about which I’m talking about.


    • I know exactly the harem pants you are talking about, but no, I don’t have any.
      They were selling quite cheaply a couple of years ago at the Burlington outlet.
      My yoga instructor used to wear them all the time.
      Good luck!

      • Okay thank you very much! have you seen any of the green yogi anorak jacket that are not crazy expensive from this past winter/spring?

  13. hi,
    Sorry, no, I haven’t seen any of those for sale…

  14. I really want to purchase an “Burpees are my best friend” water bottle…If anyone has one or knows where I can find it, I sure would appriciate it! Thanks!!!

  15. Hi! I just found your blog via google, I have what I think to be an older define jacket in a nice royal blue color it has no back vent and no thumbholes! It also has none of the tags I see In My newer lulu gear from today.. The zipper pull has what seems to be cork around the logo? Any ideas how old it may be?

  16. Loved reading your postings and love your bags! I am interested in buying one of your bags from you :] I’m interested in the barbi pink bag. I have been cyber stalking it for awhile now… I hope you’re interested. Would $100 be enough? Thank you! Can’t wait to hear back!


  17. Hi Lululemon Collector! I am loving your postings, and especially some of your bags. I was wondering if you would be willing to sell one of them? I have been cyber watching the bright pink (Barbi look) fancy gym bag. Would you be willing to sell it for $100? Thank you so much! Feel free to email me at

  18. lululemon needs to give you a job as a brand ambassador

  19. Hello Collector! I was looking through my small collection, and I was thinking of selling a few items. Someone gave me a used zip up jacket, but no tags or labels anywhere to be seen. I’m wondering if I can show you a photo or something & see if you recognize it? I’m worried that it’s a fake & then I can’t sell it, of course! The reflective omega symbol looks the same, and the zipper pull…but not 100% sure! Can I email you?

  20. Hello: I think I saw a posting for a raincoat/anorak hoodie on your site. IT’s called the “To and Fro” jacket. it came in red or navy. Do you have info on this jacket or pictures of it as I can’t seem to find it. IN addition, do you know of any sites that would have archived info on Lulus that were sold in BC (made in Vancouver). There seems to be a whole era of vintage Luluemon’s lost. If you call Lululemon GEC they are only familiar with products released during the last 5 years and know nothing about the Lulu’s “made in vancouver” – That era is unfamiliar to them to the point that they’ll call it a fake if they saw one. Such a shame. Hope you can help. Many thx.

    • Sorry, I don’t know which posting you’re referring to. Do you have the number?
      If I don’t have the information in the post, it means that I don’t know about it. I ask if others know the names but it’s a hit miss. Unfortunately, I do not know of any sites that have archived information on older product made in Vancouver. And yes, I do know that the GEC is discouraged from providing any information about older products unless they come back and that’s rare. I think that they have the information, but just don’t want to make it available to the public. They figure that anybody who is asking about older items just want to sell it which means less sales for the contemporary items that they have to sell.
      Good luck!

  21. Hi, I love your blog and check in every now and again to see what’s newly posted of vintage LLL items. I love the older stuff too, and feel LLL should sometimes revisit their roots when designing clothing and choosing fabric. Now, I have picked up a pair of pre-owned pants which I won Ebay. I was ecstatic to receive them, but when I inspected them, there was no Omega emblem. They were falsely advertised but I didn’t pay much for them. Since I really like the pants, I won’t ask to return them. The issue is that I would like to have them authenticated but not sure anyone can since there is no size dot or emblem. I truly believe the pants I won are LLL and I believe they are due to the small remnant of the tag that remains. I normally wear a size 6, but these are a bit tight, leading me to think they are a size 4. The quality of these pants are exceptional, and they are a fleece lined jegging style, good for the colder weather. May I send you photos of these pants? Perhaps you can identify them as genuine LLL. I don’t need to know what they are called, I just really want to know I wasn’t ripped off πŸ˜‰ The ebay seller did have a 100% positive rating…I just really want to believe!

  22. I’m writing in regards to a top I need to know the make as I had a break in and I’m trying to replace. my daughter bought it and it means the world. I’d you could possibly email me I’d appreciate it so much.

  23. Hello! I was wondering if I could write a guest post for your blog! I have a Yoga Mat from Lululemon that was sold a long time ago when they did a collaboration with Yogi Toes. If you’re not interested in guest postings at this time, I understand, I just think the post would be something that your audience would like. Thank you for your time.

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