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Lululemon Coastal Om Sunset Yoga Class with Eoin and Insiya Finn Outside New Robson Store!

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To celebrate the opening of the new Lululemon Athletica Robson Street store, there was a sunset yoga class right on Robson Street!


It was led by alumni Ambassadors Eoin and Insiya Finn!


And here are their pose demonstrators.


Mermaids on stage and the bubble machine close by!


And here we go! Let’s start off with some hugs!

IMGP0965 IMGP0966 IMGP0967 IMGP0968  IMGP0970

Here are some instructors correcting some of the poses.


IMGP0972 IMGP0973 IMGP0974

These three had on the new limited edition bicycle tanks!


IMGP0977 IMGP0978  IMGP0980 IMGP0981

Yes, the fish mascot was doing some yoga poses!


IMGP0986 IMGP0987  IMGP0989 IMGP0992

Yep, this class made the local news!


Some stand out individual poses!

IMGP0998 IMGP1007IMGP1022 IMGP1008 IMGP1009

I loved this little kid taking a ride on his Mom’s downward dog! Here’s another kid watching yoga.


Here’s one of the Seawheeze volunteers I worked with! He still had the energy to do this class after our shift!



A photo of the Lululemon Tesla!


What a yoga class! This was a great celebration of the new store!

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