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Lululemon Cross Fit Westside Gym Ad in Robson Street Online Newsletter

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I saw this ad at the top of the weekly Lululemon online newsletter.

It was the photo that interested me the most.

Lululemon Cross Fit Westside Gym Ad in Robson Street Online Newsletter

Lululemon Cross Fit Westside Gym Ad in Robson Street Online Newsletter

‘for all your sweat-inducing pursuits…
the Ebb to Street tank has your back with its seamless, stay in place, second-skin feel. Put it to the test against Crossfit, a program focused on improving your muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance and flexibility. Try Crossfit Westside for a gym that puts proper movement first, and their mantra to blend a healthy lifestyle with community and approachability.’

The Crossfit Westside Gym is not too far from the Robson Street Lululemon.

As you can see, the cross fit model is definitely a strong, fit person. She looks like she could kick somebody’s a$# if she wanted to! She is modelling the Ebb to Street tank.

I have to admit that I was surprised to see her since most of the models that Lululemon uses are the very slim, size 2 or 4 types. This person in this ad does not look like she’d be that size. She definitely looks like she’d be in one of the larger sizes that Lululemon carries, which would mean a size 10 or 12?

I wondered if this means that Lululemon is sending the message that they are embracing the larger sized women wearing Lululemon? I wouldn’t say that this model is plus sized but she does have the look of a larger, might I even suggest, average size woman with hips?

What do you think? Does this model look larger than the usual Lululemon models you see on their website or in their newsletters?

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