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Lululemon Warehouse Party Sale Vancouver 2013 Review Part One


IMGP8827 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Today was the first day of Lululemon’s (Ware) House Party Sale which was held in Vancouver, BC this year, for the first time in around ten years.

The first I had heard of this event was from the weekly emails that I receive from my local Lululemon stores. I immediately went to google to see if I could find any reviews about past events. Two cities where have had the event were Chicago and Ottawa.

I wondered whether or not it would be worth it for me to go there super early in the cold (Vancouver standards) or whether I could go in later. Since frost was forecast, I opted for the later arrival. (hours 8 AM to 8 PM)

I was doing some errands in the area and was at Costco enjoying a $1.50 hotdog and drink when I started to see several people coming in with Lululemon shopping bags. By the time I finished, there was probably around ten people with Lululemon bags! It got me all excited to go to BC Place!

On the way to BC Place (close to the downtown Costco), which hosts our football games, I ran into somebody carrying a Lululemon bag so I asked her how the event was and if it was worth it. She told me that she wasn’t really that much of a shopper so she wasn’t sure how good the prices were. Not only that, but they cut off the tags that had the prices on it.

Upon a closer look, I realized that I was chatting with a local TV news anchor! I didn’t recognize her right away! She was really nice and even showed me what she had bought. She also let me take her photo, too.

I got to Gate A around 1:30 PM or so. There was no line up at that point. Once we entered, we walked down until we got to the field level. There are people passing out small samples of a mineral water of some kind. There are also some fruit being passed around as well.

To the left, is a stage, though when I was there, there were no bands playing. There was a DJ so there was music playing the whole time. I had been looking forward to hearing a band. Oh well.

The first thing that we had to do was check out coats and bags. I had read that on the website. Somebody takes everything and puts it in a large plastic bag (like a dry cleaning bag) and gives you a claim ticket.

I stuffed everything in my jacket that I wore, including my wallet and camera and checked my coat and other bag. Some people left their wallet and were only allowed to take out their bank or credit cards in a small plastic bag?! How weird is that? Sorry, but there’s no way that I’m leaving my wallet with coat check. Good thing mine is small enough to fit in my pocket.

When you enter the shopping area, to the right are racks of Mens items. I was surprised to see as many guys as there were. There wasn’t that much of a selection for them compared to the rest of the sections. I have seen more mens selection at the factory outlets.

Each long row is clearly marked by size. Facing, on the left hand side are bottoms, including boxes of shorts and skirts. On the racks, are pants, crop pants, running tights.

On the right hand side, there are rows of racks of tops. There are black scuba hoodies on a table as well. There are jackets, pullovers, sweaters, tops, t-shirts and a few coats. Again, all rows are clearly marked.

At the end of the sales area is the Girls Ivivva area. It’s easy to spot this area because of the bright colors and the smaller sizes. It was so cute to see a little girl (around ten years old) shopping like she was in a candy store, she was so excited!

In the middle of the tops area, by the employees only area, was a section that sold $29 capes, jackets and pants. I was all excited about this cape until I really thought about it–seriously, when will I ever wear a cape?

To the right of the tops rows, there is an accessories area. When I got there, there were bright neon orange yoga tote bags for $9 and they went pretty quickly. They also had $19 black yoga bags and one neon yoga tote, also for $19.

Other items in this area included: mitts, caps, hair ties, bathing suits, panties, and head bands. They ranged from $4 to $9.

Here are photos that I took. I tried to show the price tag as well. You have to look at the color coding to see how much everything cost. Unfortunately, there were some colors that looked a little similar so I didn’t know what the price was. Instead of asking, I merely threw it back in the pile.

There would be one item and there would be different color dots on them. Somebody didn’t check those dots very carefully. I would look at all the dots and of course, pick the one that had the cheapest priced dot.

Here is the outside of BC Place, Gate A. People were lining up outside from 1 AM apparently. I heard that there were 700 people in line when it opened.

IMGP8828Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013IMGP8829Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is a view of the area where line ups would be. Since I got there when it was not busy, it is empty.

IMGP8830Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is the color coded pricing. They also have these signs at the end of each row. There was separate pricing for Lululemon and for Ivivva.

IMGP8831Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is a close up. It’s really confusing with the yellow, orange, pink, red shades.

IMGP8836Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is the bag check area.

IMGP8833 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is the band stage area.

IMGP8838 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is a display of older items apparently. Gotta love that red number!

IMGP8834 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is a view of the sales area when you first come in.

IMGP8835 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013IMGP8832 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here is both the Lululemon and Ivivva pricing. You will look at these signs all the time if you have a bad memory like me.

IMGP8837 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here are some of the accessories: mitts, hats. Most were $9.

IMGP8839 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

There were boxes of shorts and skirts. Most were around $29 or so.

IMGP8850 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here are some bathing suits. These were selling at the Burlington Outlet. They were $19, the same price I think at the Burlington outlet in November.

IMGP8841 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here are some rows of the mens items.

IMGP8926 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here are some t-shirts and jackets.

IMGP8866 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

These mens pants were a purple dot, $55.

IMGP8867 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

IMGP8872 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

I really loved this mens jacket! It was around $248 and was on sale for $99, red dot!

IMGP8873 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party 2013

Here are some of the mens shorts in boxes on sale.

IMGP8927 Lululemon Vancouver Warehouse Party Sale 2013

See part two for more items!

6 thoughts on “Lululemon Warehouse Party Sale Vancouver 2013 Review Part One

  1. Wonderful coverage of the sale! Did you experience any issues with payment pricing?

    • Not sure what you mean by issues with payment pricing? Can you clarify the question?

      • Like them punching in the wrong price on your receipt? I picked up a savasana tote after seeing it was 19$, but it wasnt until i got home that i realized was charged $45 or $49 (not sure bc i bought so many items and they cut off the coloured tags!) really upset about that.

      • Oh yeah, if you read my part five of my review, you’ll see that I had quite a bit of problems with that.
        You can call the customer service and they will take care of it according to other posts I’ve read. I think they realize that there were a lot of mistakes made. People complained that they didn’t want to have to go back (and through that whole process) to get something corrected that Lululemon made an error with. So call them in the morning…

  2. Thanks for your review . . . planning to go the the sale in New Jersey on Feb. 1st but it seems as if the items are from past season. Just purchased three items on their website . . .having decided if it would be worth the wait in this cold weather

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Yes, it’s hard to make the decision.
      Here, it was around 40 degrees the morning of the sale and they didn’t answer my question as to when they would allow us inside to wait so I opted to go later that first day.
      There was a tiny bit of current inventory but it was stuff that probably didn’t do that well or why would it be there?
      On the last day of the sale, there was still quite a bit of inventory. So I wonder, will it go to the other Canadian outlet stores or will they actually send this stuff to the NJ sale?! So would that be worth it to you? Nah…

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