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Oprah January 2013 Magazine Cover Features Lululemon Define Jacket


Oprah wearing Lululemon Define Jacket

Oprah wearing Lululemon Define Jacket

Imagine how happy I was to open my mailbox today to see Oprah wearing a classic Lululemon Define Jacket in the latest January 2013 issue of her magazine!

What does this mean that she chose to wear a classic style rather than the new Forme Jacket?  Ah! An appreciation for good old Lululemon pieces! Oprah has been a Lululemon fan in the past including it with her Oprah’s Favorite Things.

I think that the jacket really flatters her–the shape and the color. I love seeing the thumb holes of the jacket!

I have to admit though, that I was totally shocked that the Lululemon staff at the Berkeley store would dare to criticize Oprah for her jacket choice as being ‘so yesterday’ on their Facebook page.

‘Lululemon Athletica Berkeley · Sunday. Dear Oprah, That define jacket is so yesterday. Please visit us in Berkeley before your next photo shoot. We’ll set you up …’

They then said how they’d set her up on her next photo shoot, maybe a ‘Form Jacket’? (the staff there don’t know even know how to spell the item’s name).

First of all, do they really think Oprah just put on a jacket without much thought and consideration to it? That there wasn’t an army of staff responsible for choosing every little detail about the cover shoot? That Oprah’s endorsement, the Oprah Effect, can mean millions of dollars of retail sales for a company?

I think Lululemon has to contact the so-called Educator of the Berkeley Lululemon Store who posted and teach them a little something about respect and commerce!

Update: I guess somebody did say something because that post is no longer there.

6 thoughts on “Oprah January 2013 Magazine Cover Features Lululemon Define Jacket

  1. The Define is sooo much better than the Forme. I wrote to them about this and they said pretty much that this is what they have decided (to discontinue the Define). What a big OOOPs though! To have a product featured on Oprah and not have any for sale!

  2. I NEED that color of Define jacket on Oprah!

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