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Lululemon Two Tone Hot Pink Light Pink Shorts Lined Tennis Running Skirt 098

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This is a Lululemon two-tone or colored hot pink and light pink or pale pink tennis or running skirt. The main skirt part is made of a stiff crepe feel type of fabric.

Here is a close up view of the front. The waistband is approximately two inches wide.

Here is a full view of the back of the skirt.

Here is a close up of the back top. You can see the silver omega lululemon symbol and for some odd reason, wet dry warm decal as well. Usually, I’ve found that in the inside.

Here is a view of the side. It is slightly rounded on the side of the hem..

Here is the skirt turned inside out. It is fully lined with a pair of shorts made of a thin t-shirt kind of material.

Here is the view of the drawstring waistband.

Here is a view of the label inside. It’s pretty worn out but I think this skirt is a size 12.

This is a really cute skirt to wear running, playing tennis or even doing yoga in, yoga skirt. Does anybody remember what it was called?

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