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Lululemon Red Fleece Canada Lululemon Hockey Helmet Hat 087

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This is a red fleece hat made to look like a hockey helmet. This came out during the Vancouver winter olympics in 2010. During the gold medal mens hockey final, most Vancouverites were watching the game on TV. The West 4th Avenue Lululemon store in Kitsilano (the first Lululemon store) also had a huge TV showing the game (the game was being played downtown but tickets were astronomically expensive).

The staff was handing out these hockey helmet hats to passers by.  It also included a black crayon so you could black in a tooth as well so you’d look like a typical toothless hockey player.

As you can see, it has Canada embroidered across the front. There were also navy colored USA hockey helmet hats as well but no one dared to wear that at this time! (I got one for my American friend only after I promised it wouldn’t be worn until after the game was over).

This is the side view of the hat. It shows the Canadian symbol of a maple leaf embroidered. There are also two holes. You can also see the black strap as well.

Here is the other side view, showing the embroidered Lululemon omega symbol.

Here is the view from the top.

Here is a close up view of the black under the chin strap that you can snap closed. There are white fleece ear covers.

Here is the label inside the hat.

This is such a fun hat and a lot of people wore these while participating in the winter olympics festivities all over Vancouver.

I have such good memories wearing that hockey helmet that day especially when the Canadian mens hockey team won the gold medal! The Canadian womens hockey team also won a gold medal! It was so nice for the host country to win double golds for the men and womens teams! (For both men and womens hockey it was Canada, USA and Finland)

(Team USA got their revenge and did win the gold medal for the mens paralympics hockey.)

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