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Lululemon Black Long Running Pants Kickers Run Tights Size 12 081

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This is a brand new pair of women’s running pants tights that I bought for somebody who changed their mind.

They are size 12 and have the tags as well which will make the description a breeze for me! Here is the back view.

Here is a close up of the top of the back. There is a silver omega lululemon symbol in the middle of a wide waistband.

Here is another view of the back, with more of the thigh part showing.

Here is one of the attached tags.

Instructions on how to launder the item.

Here is the description and name of the tights/pants.

  1. Perfect running tight
  2. Reflective art for visibility and safety
  3. Lengthened gusset to prevent inner thigh chaffing
  4. Inside waistband pocket for keys and money
  5. Drawstring waist for adjustment and support
  6. Preshrunk
  7. Chafe free flat seams
  8. Wicking quick dry
  9. 4 way stretch

And here is the rip it out tag!

These are nice!

Hey, ever wonder why they call them ‘tight’ instead of ‘tights’? And ‘pant’ instead of ‘pants’?

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