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Lululemon Medium Size Cherry Red Handbag Purse with White Trim 077


This is a cherry red colored handbag with white trim made of a smooth sturdy vinyl. There is a white embroidered omega lululemon symbol on the right hand side.

It measures approximately twelve and a half inches across, eight and a half inches high and five inches wide.

The handles are approximately fifteen inches long.

The metal grommets have the omega lululemon symbol stamped on them.

There is a white embroidered lululemon on the side. There are also two silver metal round omega lululemon symbol zipper pulls (you can only see one in this photo but there is another on the other side).

There are four metal feet on the bottom.

This bag is full lined. One one side is a small pocket for a cell phone (when cell phones were tiny and not the size of an iphone!)

Here is the other side with a zippered pocket. It sort of looks like a take off the Louis Vuitton pattern a little.

The front pocket on the outside is also lined.

This is a nice purse and I even bought it in another color I liked it so much! Does anybody remember the name of it?


3 thoughts on “Lululemon Medium Size Cherry Red Handbag Purse with White Trim 077

  1. I have a lululemon purse like this. But it is opposite colours. It’s white with red trim. I am thinking about selling it. How much would I get for it?

    • hi,
      Not sure how much you could get for it.
      There are a lot of factors.
      First of all, where would you try to sell it? Local Craigslist or kijiji? I would check those first or even try putting a free ad and seeing what interest you get.
      You could also check out ebay, too. Check old completed auctions and current auctions and see what the price was.
      You could also try to check out the Lululemon trading post pages, too. Whenever I’ve checked, I’ve not seen much vintage Lululemon items though.
      I myself have not tried to sell much of my collection yet so I don’t really know how much I’d get for it.
      Good Luck!

  2. Thanks ill try 🙂

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