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Lululemon I Love Hockey Red Lululemon Heart White T-Shirt 088

This is a white t-shirt that says, I Love Hockey, across the front. It looks odd because of the angle I took the photo at. The neck is round.

This is a close up of the front of the t-shirt. It has cap sleeves.

The red heart has a white omega lululemon symbol.

Here is the full back view. The t-shirt is fairly long and gives good coverage.

Here is a closer view of the top back of the t-shirt. There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol. The half circle section is a double layer.

I love these t-shirts because the fabric is so comfortable, well-fitting with lycra in it.

Did anybody wear one of the t-shirts during the winter olympics in 2010?

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Lululemon Red Fleece Canada Lululemon Hockey Helmet Hat 087

This is a red fleece hat made to look like a hockey helmet. This came out during the Vancouver winter olympics in 2010. During the gold medal mens hockey final, most Vancouverites were watching the game on TV. The West 4th Avenue Lululemon store in Kitsilano (the first Lululemon store) also had a huge TV showing the game (the game was being played downtown but tickets were astronomically expensive).

The staff was handing out these hockey helmet hats to passers by.  It also included a black crayon so you could black in a tooth as well so you’d look like a typical toothless hockey player.

As you can see, it has Canada embroidered across the front. There were also navy colored USA hockey helmet hats as well but no one dared to wear that at this time! (I got one for my American friend only after I promised it wouldn’t be worn until after the game was over).

This is the side view of the hat. It shows the Canadian symbol of a maple leaf embroidered. There are also two holes. You can also see the black strap as well.

Here is the other side view, showing the embroidered Lululemon omega symbol.

Here is the view from the top.

Here is a close up view of the black under the chin strap that you can snap closed. There are white fleece ear covers.

Here is the label inside the hat.

This is such a fun hat and a lot of people wore these while participating in the winter olympics festivities all over Vancouver.

I have such good memories wearing that hockey helmet that day especially when the Canadian mens hockey team won the gold medal! The Canadian womens hockey team also won a gold medal! It was so nice for the host country to win double golds for the men and womens teams! (For both men and womens hockey it was Canada, USA and Finland)

(Team USA got their revenge and did win the gold medal for the mens paralympics hockey.)

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Lululemon Dark Green Khaki Olive Drawstring Sweatshirt Shorts 086

This is a pair of dark green khaki olive drawstring shorts made of sweatshirt or sweatpants material. The legs are fairly short in length.

This is a close up of the front of the shorts. There is a drawstring waistband. The doubled over waistband is ribbed and approximately three inches wide.

At the end of the ties, it says Lululemon on them.

Here is a closeup view of the back. There is a triangle section that provides a better fit.

There is a small raised velour omega Lululemon symbol on the left hand side.

Here is a close-up of the side. They aren’t joined that well.

There is an inside mesh pocket. As I’ve mentioned before, these pockets are too small to hold much of anything in them in my opinion.

These shorts are very comfortable and could be used for anything, yoga, running, or just walking around. Does anybody know the name of these?

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Lululemon Long Light Pink and White Trim Yoga Pants Sweatpants 085

This is a pair of long light pink yoga pants or sweatpants with white trim. The fabric is a thicker cotton sweatpants type with some lycra.

Here is a close up of the front. You can see the white stripe decal trim. This pair is quite old and the decal has started to crack. You can see that the pink is a dusty rose type of color.

Here is a view of the lululemon omega symbol. The waistband measures approximately three inches wide.

There is a crotch insert as well.


Here is the full view of the back of the pants.

Here is a close up of the top of the back view.

Here is a view of the label. It says that it was Made in Vancouver, Canada. ‘Providing components for people to live a longer, healthier and more fun life.’ They are a size 2.

These pants are so comfortable! And the thicker fabric makes it nice for the colder weather. Does anybody know the name of these?

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Lululemon Long Black Drawstring Waistband Pants Elastic Cuffs 084

This is a pair of long black pants with a drawstring waistband and elastic cuffs. They are made of a thin light material.

Here is a close up view of the waistband. It has a nice elasticized satin lace with lululemon stamped on the end.

Here is a close up of the elasticized or elastic cuffs.

Here is a view of the lower legs. They are not straight, but slouchy or ruched?

Here is a view of the side.

Here is a full view of the back.


Here is a view of the top back. As you can see, there is a ruffle peplum sort of thing and a loop. I don’t know what people would use that loop for though.

Here is the side view showing the small silver omega lululemon symbol. There are also two air holes as well.

There are zippered pockets with a blue lululemon tab. There are two pockets, one on each side. They are lined with a mesh material.

There is a label inside that says that they are size 10, designed in Canada and made in China.

I thought that these might be studio pants but maybe not. Does anybody know the name of these pants?

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Lululemon Purple Lilac Heather Light Grey Mesh Air Vents Running Tights 083

This is a pair of light purple lilac heather running tights with light grey or white mesh inserts.

Here is a close up of the two-inch waistband with the drawstring. It is made of a satin like material.

Here is a view of the bottom front.  There are mesh inserts or air vents. The tights are mid calf length. They are a light grey or even white color.

Here is the full length back view.

Here is the back view of the top of the tights.

And another.

Here is the back view of the bottom legs. There is a closer view of the light grey mesh inserts, air vents. You can also see the small silver omega lululemon symbol on the left hand leg.

Here is a close up of the tag that I didn’t rip out. They are size 10.  It also says wet, dry, warm on the top of the inside of the waistband.

What was unusual is that it says, designed in Vancouver, made in Indonesia!

The body fabric is: 82% nylon and 18% lycra spandex. There are three other fabric blends on the label!

The inside crotch as a cotton like material.

They are by far the most comfortable running tights! Does anybody know the name of them?


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Lululemon Light Baby Blue Westbeach 79 T-Shirt Sweatshirt 082

This is a Westbeach T-shirt or sweatshirt. Westbeach is one of Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson’s other companies that made clothing for people like snow boarders and skiers.

Here is a closer view of the front.

According to the Westbeach website, 1979 was when it was all started, when they started making surf apparel. In the 1980s, the moved to snowboarding apparel.

‘It all started in a shed, in Calgary, Alberta, back in 1979’

Here’s the label. It’s cool to see that Chip has had a hand in starting such diverse active sportswear companies!

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Lululemon Black Long Running Pants Kickers Run Tights Size 12 081

This is a brand new pair of women’s running pants tights that I bought for somebody who changed their mind.

They are size 12 and have the tags as well which will make the description a breeze for me! Here is the back view.

Here is a close up of the top of the back. There is a silver omega lululemon symbol in the middle of a wide waistband.

Here is another view of the back, with more of the thigh part showing.

Here is one of the attached tags.

Instructions on how to launder the item.

Here is the description and name of the tights/pants.

  1. Perfect running tight
  2. Reflective art for visibility and safety
  3. Lengthened gusset to prevent inner thigh chaffing
  4. Inside waistband pocket for keys and money
  5. Drawstring waist for adjustment and support
  6. Preshrunk
  7. Chafe free flat seams
  8. Wicking quick dry
  9. 4 way stretch

And here is the rip it out tag!

These are nice!

Hey, ever wonder why they call them ‘tight’ instead of ‘tights’? And ‘pant’ instead of ‘pants’?


Lululemon Black Yoga Pants with Royal Blue Satin Strip Trim 080

This is a black pair of yoga pants that has a blue satin strip trim.

They are the usual type of yoga pants. The legs are of medium width.

Here is the front view of the waistband. The blue satin ribbon is prominent.

Here is the back view of the waistband.

There is an unusual omega lululemon symbol on the center of the back. It looks like it’s a clear decal rather than the usual silver omega one. It looks like it could be easily peeled off.

There is a slit pocket in the inner front of the waistband.

I liked the blue satin trim accent  of these otherwise normal yoga pants. Does anybody know the name of them?

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Lululemon Mens Black White Heather Purple Grey Plaid Long Shorts 079

This is a pair of mens black and white plaid with some grey and heather purple accents pattern long shorts.

The waist is approximately thirty-four inches. There is a wide waistband that measures approximately two and three-quarter inches wide. There are also belt loops but they are sewn in the middle, so you’d have to wear a thin belt either on top of the loop or on the bottom of the loop.

They fall below the knees.

There is a short two-inch zipper and the rest is a velcro fastener.

There is a pocket that zippers across. The zipper pull is a velveteen strip that has a raised lululemon on it. There is the white omega lululemon symbol, made of raised velveteen.

This is a nice pair of walking shorts for the guys. Does anybody know what they are called or when they came out?