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Lululemon Light Turquoise Blue Silverescent T-shirt Top 064

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This is a light turquoise blue silverescent t-shirt or short sleeved top.

I remember when these silverescent garments came out.

This is the side view. It is of medium length. The sleeves are short.

The silver omega symbol is on the left hand side bottom.

This is the back view.

There is the silverescent mark in the middle of the back.

There is no label inside but it does say, ‘wet dry warm’.

According to the Lululemon website:


Anti-stink – need we say more. We use X-STATIC® – The Silver Fiber®, to create our anti-bacterial Silverescent® fabric. Synthetics tend to hold onto odour-causing bacteria even after washing. The silver in our tops inhibits bacteria growth.

Does it work? I don’t know about that. I can’t say if I’ve ever noticed if they smell better after a workout than any of the other clothing.

Does anybody know the name of this top?

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