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Lululemon Three Days before the Seawheeze Half Marathon!

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Only three days before the first Seawheeze Half Marathon, this Saturday, August 11, 2012!

As I mentioned before, although I’m a runner, I decided long ago not to run this event because I thought it was too expensive to enter. ($128) That’s a pretty pricey cost for a half marathon. Most full marathons aren’t even that expensive.

You do get a pair of shorts (retail $54) that are white with colored polka dots. I saw them on somebody’s blog and they are cute enough I suppose. I’m not sure what the men get.

I am volunteering on Friday night, at package pick up. I’ve volunteered at many other races (mostly marathons) in the past.

I was surprised, however, to find that my other volunteer gig was changed without even asking me if it was okay. I had purposely signed up far ahead to make sure I’d get the right location for the morning of the race.

For the morning of the race, one of the organizers just put me at a different part of the course (ie: farther away from where I wanted to be). That would mean that I would have to get myself there (no public transport or parking) very early in the morning. That is why I chose the area close to where I live-so I could walk there.

When I emailed them back, they responded, no apology, just said,

‘Due to a shortage of course marshals we had to consolidate our needs.’

So I had to cancel. I will be one of the non-official volunteer cheering sections on the Kitsilano side instead. I think I’d have more fun that way anyway.

Although the race is closed to runners, there’s still a handful of volunteer gigs available in case you want to be a part of Lululemon history!

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