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Lululemon Bright Pink Fuchsia Dance Floss Travel Top 062

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This is a bright pink fuchsia dance floss travel top.

This is made of a soft silky material.

This has a low slightly scooped neck. The waistband is mesh material.

This is a side view. There is a thin single strip of mesh.

The mesh trim is not finished.

This is the back view. This is of medium length.

The bottom has a mesh trim. It’s approximately two inches and is also not finished.

This top is bra lined. The lining is a thin mesh. It’s double lined in the front of the bra and single in the back. There is a thin bra band.

On the side, there is a ‘dance, floss and travel’ written with two tiny omega lululemon symbols.

This is a nice dance top in a cool bright color!

Does anybody know the name of this top?

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