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Lululemon Neon Bright Orange Running Tank Top Mesh Back 054

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This is a neon bright orange running tank top with a mesh back and pocket.

The front has a round neckline. The side view shows the join right beside the side seam.

The same marks are on the top of the shoulder. Is this a design statement or just a different way to join the fabric?

This is the back view. It is fairly long in length. There is a middle strip made of mesh.

The bottom of the mesh has a pocket. It is approximately three by five inches. Since it is made of the mesh material, you can’t put too much in it.

There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol on the bottom of the left hand side.

This is a great top to go running in! There was no label stamped in it so it was probably ripped out.

Does anybody know what the name of it is?

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