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Lululemon and Ivivva at the Khatsalano Music and Art Festival in Kitsilano

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Today was the Khatsalano! Music and Art street Festival on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano here in Vancouver.

Khatsalano was the name of a prominent Native Aboriginal Chief, and Kitsilano, (the present spelling of the neighborhood), was named after this man.

Kitsilano is the home of the first Lululemon store. Note the ‘pure kits’ in the sign above.

And Ivivva is two doors down from that store.

I wanted to see what they would do at this street festival.

Lululemon had two mannequins outside their store. The first was posed beside an ice cream truck.

Hmmm. Not sure why they did this. I don’t know if there was real ice cream in the cart or not. In any case, it was kinda underwhelming.

The other mannequin’s outfit matched the pink candy cart. The Candy Aisle, a fellow West 4th Avenue business, provided pink salt water taffy that the mannequin was supposed to be giving out to passers-by. At least we got a piece of candy. (from a live person)

The Ivivva store was more activity oriented to attract the kids. They had a large tent on the street.

They were supposed to be at a beach. They even had inflatable palm trees.

They had different activities for the kids. There was also two blow up plastic pools filled with sand I think that had little girls dancing in them. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, they did not appear to have any clothing outside for sale. Other stores on the street used this as an opportunity to have a sidewalk sale and we found lots of bargains, especially at the Ice Breaker store. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed. Maybe next year. Or maybe they are distracted with their half marathon, the SeaWheeze coming up in two weeks?

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