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Lululemon Large Black Gym Yoga Overnight Bag 026

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This is a large black gym, yoga or overnight bag.

This bag is made of a thin, soft vinyl, leather look material.

In this photo, you can see the leather grain look in the material.

There is a silver metal Lululemon omega symbol in the center. It is approximately one inch across and rounded on top. The omega symbol is raised.

The two straps are one inch wide and approximately 23 inches in length. The metal hardware on each strap has the lululemon omega symbol.

The straps are connected with a square metal loop.

There is a luggage tag attached. This side shows a yoga figurine drawing and a plastic window.

The flip side of the bag tag is silver metal and says, ‘lululemon athletica exquisite property of’.

The zipper across the top has two silver metal discs with the lululemon omega symbol.

This is the other side of the bag. It is approximately 11 inches high.

This is the side view. There is a pocket on each side with a snap button inside. On one side, there is a small plastic carabiner.

The bottom measures approximately 7 inches wide and 17 inches across. There are 4 metal feet.

Unfortunately, the material is so thin, it wore down easily and the side tore apart a few inches.

Inside, the bag is lined with a thin white fabric which has a grey pattern and red lululemon omega symbol. On one side, there are three pockets, Ipod, cell phone and a third pocket that doesn’t show exactly what it is.

The other side has a mesh pocket.

One end has a dry pak pocket.

This is a photo of the bottom, which has lots of stains from wear.

The only problem with this bag is that the material is so thin that it doesn’t wear well. The straps are not very sturdy so I never felt I could put much in it without the straps straining.

Anybody know what this bag is called?

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