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Lululemon White Running Cap with Orange Leaves Design 020

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This is a white running cap that has an orange leaves design on it.

I have to admit that I have worn this cap for a long time. I wear it when I run.

You can see the orange leaves drawing and the Lululemon symbol drawn as well.

The white fabric is raised rectangles.

There is a pony tail hole and the adjustable strap across is velcro. And yes, my hair often gets caught in the velcro which is a pain.

You can also see the zippered pocket on the side. I’ve never put anything in the pocket because I think it would bother me when I’m running. Seriously, what do people put in there? My housekey is huge! Even my ID wouldn’t fit in it!

On the left hand side in the back, you can see a sewn in silver plastic omega symbol.

This hat has several sections to give it its fitted shape.

The hat is lined with mesh which makes it nice and breathable. There is a hatband which is elasticized.

There is a label that says it is 100% polyester. It also says that it was designed in Vancouver but made in China. I wonder when they started putting that on labels?

I do like running with this cap! Anybody know the name of it?

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