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Lululemon Pale Yellow Tank Yoga Top White Scoop Neck mesh Racer Back 019

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This is a pale yellow tank yoga top with a white scoop neck. The back is a racer back mesh style.

The white scoop neck is around two inches wide. The arm holes are not cut too low.

The length is average.

The back is a racer back style. There is a yellow mesh inset. There is a small silver omega in the center of the back.

The yellow mesh is double layered.

The mesh is a little stiff, so not so comfortable sometimes.

I have turned the top inside out to show the bra lining. The front is a soft comfortable yellow material doubled with the yellow mesh. There is no pilling. The bra band is beige and around an inch thick. It is made of a fabric elastic rather than the fabric covering a band of elastic and gathered.

There is a slit to put in bra cups if wanted.

There is a little sticker that says 6. I don’t know if that is the size or what?

The back of the bra lining is the yellow mesh material.

The pale yellow color attracted me to this top the most. I like the white scoop neck as well. Don’t care for the mesh in the back so much.

Anybody know what this top is called?

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