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Lululemon Pink Short Sleeve Side Snap Buttons Shirt Top 015

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This is an older Lululemon piece.

This is a pink short sleeve shirt with side snap buttons. The snap buttons are made of dark metal as opposed to plastic which I thought was unusual.

This is a nice soft t-shirt material, made of 92% cotton and 8% lycra. It is not pilling but there is some wear, very slight fuzz to the fabric.

There are bust darts of maybe 15 degrees.

There are 4 metal snap buttons on the side. I’ve seen snap buttons on coats and jackets but not on shirts or tops.

It is a medium length.

There is a silver omega symbol on the back which is wearing a little.

The label says that it was made in Vancouver, Canada. It also says that it is a size large, but it seems smaller than a true large.

This was a very comfortable top but I don’t remember seeing too many of them. Name anybody?


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