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Lululemon Red V neck Tank with multi colored Side Stripe with Criss Cross Straps 004

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This is one of my old favorites, a red tank (lined) with a multi colored side stripe and criss cross straps.

It has a v neck but not a sharp v.

I wondered why there was just the one side with the multi colored stripe? At the time, I thought the color combination didn’t really go together that well. I thought it might be better with just a couple of colors.

This top also has criss cross straps in the back. It also has the one thin strap across the back. Although I liked the way that single strip looked, it sometimes bothered my back when it didn’t lay flat all the time.

There is a thin white mesh lining and red bra band inside.

You can barely make it out in these photos, but it says that it is a size 8, was made in Canada (in english and french) and the fabric description and care instructions.

The one complaint I had with this top was that it tended to pill faster than other same tops.

Anybody remember this one’s name?

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