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Lululemon White Short Sleeve Top Racerback Cape Overlay 058

This is a white short sleeve top with a racerback with a cape overlay.










The neck is a lower cut round almost soft v-neck.








The sleeves are of a fairly short length. The shoulder fabric is an almost a mesh or ventilated kind.










This is the back view.










As you can see, the main body has a racerback. But there is a cape like overlay. It is of medium length.








There is a small silver omega Lululemon symbol in the middle of the racerback.








This top is bra lined. The lining is a thin mesh material. The bra band is one inch wide.










There is a label but you can barely see it in this photos.

It reads made in Canada. Size 8. This is 86% nylon and 14% lycra.

Does anybody know the name of this top?


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Lululemon Bright Raspberry Pink Purple short sleeve Omega shirt 057

The is a bright raspberry pink purple colored short-sleeved shirt with a raised omega symbol in the fabric.










This is the back view. It is of medium length. The short sleeves are medium length.










This is the back view of the top.








It’s a little difficult to see the large raised omega Lululmon symbol in the front.

Here is another view.

This is made of a very nice soft smooth material. It must have some spandex in the blend. It is so comfortable to wear!

This is a hard color to explain. It looks pink in some photos and then purple in others. In any case, it’s a great top to wear!

Anybody know what the name of this one is?

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Lululemon Pale Pink Short Sleeved T-shirt 056

This is a light pale pink colored short-sleeved t-shirt. It has a round neck collar.

This has fairly short sleeves, almost like cap sleeves to me.

This is made of a soft t-shirt material. This is the back view. It is of medium length.

There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol in the middle of the back.

I like the pale pink color of this shirt!

Does anybody know the name of this r-shirt?

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Countdown to Lululemon’s Seawheeze Half Marathon August 11, 2012

In two weeks, on August 11th, 2012, Lululemon will have their first half marathon, the Seawheeze!

I’ve been looking forward to this for months!

I’ve been seeing lots of Lululemon clad runners training for this race. Some of them are even wearing the polka dot shorts that you get if you enter the race.

All the Lululemon stores have been showing SeaWheeze. This is the window display in the West 4th Avenue store.

These signs crack me up!

Today, I saw the first two street signs.

I’ll be volunteering near the foot of the Burrard Street Bridge, which is close to the Lululemon head office. I wish I could run the race, but I can’t afford it right now.

This is part of the view the runners may see.

Why don’t you sign up to race or to volunteer? You still have time!

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A Gift of Laughter from the Lululemon’s Wilson family

It was recently announced that a famous piece of art that has been along the seawall of Vancouver has been bought and donated to the city of Vancouver by Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson and his wife, Shannon.

This is called ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ created by artist Yue MinJun.

What I just found out from a friend is that all of the faces in his art, are his own.

I don’t know why, but there is fencing around the exhibit today. It was not there the last time I visited.

They are made of bronze.

They are quite tall.

Some of the West End residents don’t like them so much.

You can see the scale of how tall they are by comparing it to Rachel, a young tourist from Edmonton.

Here’s a nice close-up!

If the West End neighborhood doesn’t want them, they can bring them over to Kitsilano, close to the Lululemon headquarters or first store!

Thanks again, Chip and Shannon!

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Lululemon Olive Khaki Dark Green Yoga Pants Drawstring 055

This is a pair of olive khaki dark green long yoga pants with a drawstring.

Unfortunately, my mannequin does not have legs, so it’ll be difficult to show the pants that I have.

The waistband is approximately three inches wide. The drawstring is made of a white elasticized shoe lace like string.

This is the back view.

This is a closeup of the top of the back.

There is a small silver omega symbol on the left leg, around the knee area.

This is a nice change to my usual black yoga pants.

Anybody know what these yoga pants are called?

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Lululemon Neon Bright Orange Running Tank Top Mesh Back 054

This is a neon bright orange running tank top with a mesh back and pocket.

The front has a round neckline. The side view shows the join right beside the side seam.

The same marks are on the top of the shoulder. Is this a design statement or just a different way to join the fabric?

This is the back view. It is fairly long in length. There is a middle strip made of mesh.

The bottom of the mesh has a pocket. It is approximately three by five inches. Since it is made of the mesh material, you can’t put too much in it.

There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol on the bottom of the left hand side.

This is a great top to go running in! There was no label stamped in it so it was probably ripped out.

Does anybody know what the name of it is?


Lululemon Orange Multi Color Racerback Tank Yoga Top 053

This is an orange multi colored racerback tank top.

It has an orange wide scoop square-ish neck collar, approximately one and three quarter inches wide.

The body is multi colored, with shades of orange, red, yellow and grey. You can see it better in this side view.

This is the back full view of the top. It is of medium length.

The racerback is made of orange mesh. There is a small silver omega symbol in the middle.

This top is bra lined. The interior material is a soft t-shirt kind and orange. The back of the bra part is mesh.

The bra band is beige and approximately one inch wide.

There are slits for bra cups if wanted.

I love this top for the bright orange color and multi colored part and comfort!

There was no label stamped in it so I’m guessing the label was ripped off.

Does anybody know the name of it?

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Lululemon Navy Denim Blue Lululemon Manifesto Drawstring Shorts 052

This is a navy or denim blue shorts with the Lululemon manifesto print.

The waistband measures approximately two and three quarter inches wide and has a drawstring. Each silver end of the drawstring has Lululemon stamped on it.

There are pockets on each side that measure seven inches deep and seven inches wide.

This is the back view of the shorts.

There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol on the left hand side of the left leg.

There is a label inside. It is a size 4. It says that they were designed in Vancouver and Made in China.

This is the pair turned inside out. The material is a light grey color. If the label was ripped out, they could be worn inside out.

I love this pair of shorts with the lululemon manifesto on it. I see lots of tops with the manifesto but not shorts.

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Lululemon Grey Sleeveless Front Zipper Tank Running Top Mesh Racer Back 051

This is a grey sleeveless front zippered running Tank Top with a mesh racer back.

This is a tapered fitted design.

There is a rounded neck.

There is a front hidden zipper that is approximately twelve inches long.

The back is a racerback and is all mesh material.

There are three pockets in the back. I can’t imagine putting much into them since the material is so sheer though.

This is the side view.

There is a small silver omega lululemon symbol on the left hand side in the front.

This is a very nice running top, especially when it’s hot outside!

Anybody know the name of this top?